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  David: Another one of Namah's quirky mood shifts at work in the top panel... Although it does highlight a noteworthy injustice in the world. Things that look and / or smell great, but do not possess a commensurate flavor. For example, dandelions look delicious - but I've found they actually have an almost bitter taste. And candles, don't get me started - they smell like little flambe' desserts! The taste? Blegh! Toasted coffee beans, another culprit - look good, smell good, taste - eewww. I'm thinking of starting a political action committee to confront this injustice. Or maybe there's somebody I could sue. Hmm... In the bottom strip, it was fun to finally get a change of background. I celebrated with an oval panel border. ___________________________________________________________________________ Liz: Itís always a thrill to look at a penciled in scene that Dave drew and discover a richly designed room he concocted out of thin air that could realistically be decorated by somebody living there. I guess Iím trying to say that his is awesome, and mine would have only been a couch and a screen. He also thought it would be fun and accurate to fill a rec. room with other untouched activities, such as the dartboard and other games, and then have Namah take up an entire couch. Personally, we like to play pool quite a bit-and are very bad at it-so why Dave added an extra scoreboard part to the table looked a bit odd. Itís now colored to be a pool table/air hockey combo, which Iíd love to try playing at the same time.

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