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Dreamkeepers Forums - Rules For the Road of Risqueness (Mature Users Only)

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Subscribe to this thread Rules For the Road of Risqueness (Mature Users Only) created by Prometheus on November 25, 2014

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Prometheus11/25/14 10:21am
Just to ensure that all users are aware of the posting rules for adult material or discussion, here is a separate thread for new, returning or current users to visit. Copy-pasted from the first page of the Naughtiness thread.

UPDATED: 3/3/16

For the Forum:

- Any and all explicit threads from this point onward must have the phrases "(18+ Users Only)" or "(Mature Users Only)" in the title so as to warn underaged and/or uncomfortable users to their content. If you enter these threads willingly, there should be no reason to complain or be offended by whatever comments or content that lay within.

- Explicit threads should go in the LOOKIT THIS!, Spamduruna or DK Art Gallery wings of the forum to avoid clutter. If it's strictly story-related, it can go in the story wings, but it should still be marked for explicity.

For This Thread and Future Threads:

- If you are a user who is underaged, but has an unknown age on your profile, it will be up to you to act respectfully and maturely in explicit threads. Announcing your age or acting poorly will result in banishment from these threads. Refusal to abide by the banishment (continuing to comment in explicit threads) will result in more severe consequences. These consequences will have to be discussed in detail with the mod team.

- The above rule also applies to underaged users with known ages. We can't stop you from commenting in explicit threads or viewing adult content, but you are expected to act like mature adults.

- Due to recent events, the first sign of disrespect and/or immaturity in adult threads will result in immediate banishment from these threads. We expect users young and old to be able to act as maturely as possible. This forum is, after all, dedicated to a graphic novel containing subject matter that is technically not suitable for younger readers.

For The Live Chat:

- Let's refrain from bringing explicit conversation from the forum onto the weekly live chat sessions. Let's also refrain from linking explicit art during chat sessions. Since the live chat is open for all, we don't want to have to force people to read or see things they don't want to. Dave would not appreciate that. However, after Dave leaves the chatroom and the remaining participants are okay with NSFW links being thrown around, then knock yourselves out.

Art Guidelines:

These guidelines will consist of sexual/violent fetishes, kinks, or categories in fanart that can or cannot be allowed to be linked to the forum. They are somewhat based on my own preferences and experiences, but I know some would be frowned upon by most of our users.

YES! >:)
- Nudity
- Sexual Intercourse (Oral, Vaginal, Anal)
- Sexual Orientations (Homo-, Hetero-, Bi-, Asexual)
- Intersex (Dreamkeeper/Nightmare, Dreamkeeper/Human)
- Incest (Siblings, Parent/Child)
- Multiple Partners (Threesome, Foursome, Orgy)
- Masturbation/Ejaculation
- Tentacles
- Mild BDSM (Bound-to-Bed, Ballgag, Whipping)
- Disciplinary Spanking (technically not explicit, but could contain slight nudity; parent or parental figure spanking a younger character)
- Sexual Spanking (spanking that could induce pleasure during sexual intercourse)
- Cub Porn (sexual intercourse with or involving younger characters (this can be moved depending on public opinion))
- Mild Gore (Bleeding, Missing Limbs, Protruding Organs/Bones)
- Mild Violence (Punching/Kicking, Choking, Gunshot Injuries, Stabbing/Cutting)

Uhhh, No... <:(
- Scat (Visible urine/feces)
- Diapers
- Babyfurs (sexual activity or intercourse with infant/toddler characters)
- Necrophilia (sexual intercourse with the Dead)
- Extreme BDSM (Sadism, Masochism)
- Extreme Gore/Violence (Mutilation, Gibbing)

Linking Guidelines:

Here is a guideline to linking art from yourself or other artists.

If you wish to share art from an artist, either use the following guideline or simply state who the art is from and if it is explicit or not (NSFW or SFW).

By: Dreamkeepers

If you are an artist who wishes to share your explicit art, simply use the following guideline.


With the implementation of the new DK Art Gallery branch, if you are an artist who wants to create a dedicated thread for your SFW or NSFW artwork, go right ahead. Since you will have your own thread, you will not have to follow the above guideline for posting links. However, you should keep both kinds of art in two separate threads.

Of course, the 18+/Mature Users titling is still a requirement for NSFW art threads.

Explicit content can come from art websites such as Furaffinity, Inkbunny, Sofurry, etc. Or, it can come from Dropbox, e621, Rule 34, or some other image hosting website.

If any users or fellow mods can think of another rule or posting guideline that could be added, changed, or removed, share your thoughts and suggestions in the Fanart Ideas thread.

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Asora11/26/14 6:15pm
Looks good enough, I like it. But about content that is shown as AMAZIN!?

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Asora1/18/15 10:00am
Oh look! I see that the forums had a few tweaks and adjustments. Pretty good, pretty good. :3

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Prometheus1/18/15 12:58pm
Rules updated for artists and the DK Art Gallery section.

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Asora1/18/15 1:09pm
Gooooood...........everything is going according to plan..........MMWMWMWMWAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHAH!!!!!!!!!!!

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Prometheus2/18/15 5:23pm
Rules have been updated under "For This Thread and Future Threads." No more lenience for poor conduct. Asora has been made an unfortunate example.

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Aman371212/29/15 7:52pm
I have a bad feeling that the NSFW privileges in this forum are gonna be its demise.

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Kirito12/29/15 8:07pm
Not if they're put in the proper place with the appropriate tags :^)

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Aman371212/29/15 10:00pm
Incest and cub porn are pretty bad alone, let's just hope fan art with characters inflating doesn't become a trend.

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