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Subscribe to this thread Running For The Crime created by Roan on December 29, 2016

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Roan12/29/16 7:48pm
I was thinking about making a roleplay based around a group of teenagers between the ages of 14-19, would anybody be interested?

The whole idea is that the group of friends sneak out to meet up and cause some 'chaos', like normal teenagers do, and while they are out running amuck, they come across a dead body--where said location is being consummated as a crime scene. When law arrives, the group is accused of the crime, and they all flee, some doing it naturally and some fleeing against their will.

Since they're running from their accusations, they become some of the 'most wanted' in Anduruna.

Would anybody be interested in starting something like this up?

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joeden12/29/16 10:35pm
I would

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Roan12/30/16 4:43pm
Good to know that somebody's interested c:

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Javelin12/31/16 3:54pm
it sounds interesting but I'll stay out of this one and make do with the current RP's I'm in just to not so down progress.

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Havoc12/31/16 10:44pm
I'm interested if you don't mind having someone with no role-playing experience?

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ZycantAlpha1/1/17 1:58am
Give me some time to come up with a character, and I'm game.

And Havoc, I wouldn't worry. I think that we have enough people experienced to help you out.

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T3rminal1/1/17 10:11am
Heck yeah! Roan, my wonderful pecan bro, glad to see you back! You should know I'm game. I'll get someone ready for it.

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Roan1/18/17 7:13pm
@Havoc: I'm always willing to work with new faces around the block
@T3rminal: Yes, my pecan bro! c: Scramble somebody up and serve them to me over-easy!
@Javelin: If this progresses further and you're still interested, feel free to jump in.
My character will be in the works shortly--and if course, with those who know me, she's going to be one of the 'baddies' of the group, haha. XD

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