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Dreamkeepers Forums - Rules


Welcome to the Dreamkeepers forum! It's intended to be a fun place to relax and enjoy conversation with fellow readers. These rules are meant to facilitate that:


  1. Don't break any laws.
  2. Have a good time. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. Help others have a good time. Specifically:
  3. Try not to be irritable. Don't take offense where none was intended, or on behalf of others. Try not to be irritating. Don't deliberately ruin anyone's day.
  4. Stay on topic. Create new threads in the correct subforum. If there's already a thread for a certain topic, don't make a redundant one. When you post, have something to say- keep the conversation interesting. Don't just reply with "Okay!" and clutter up threads.
  5. Disagreement is not a problem. But if an exchange gets off topic or devolves into a spergfest, get out of everyone else's way by making a thread for it in Spamduruna. Or duke it out in private messages or Skype or the Wild West or 8chan something.

Moderation & Banning:

  1. Mods are responsible for ensuring the spirit of the above rules are followed. They are there to make judgement calls, and have the ability to edit / delete posts if deemed necessary.
  2. Transparency: Mods, save screenshots of anything serious enough to require deletion or a reprimand. Post the content of the offending post, and your reprimand, in Reality / Miscellaneous / Reprimands. This will make it clear to everyone what sort of posts are frowned upon, and why. It also records any misbehavior serious enough to lead to a ban, so it is clear to all that a ban was earned, and is not issued capriciously.
  3. Reprimand: Every user gets at least one reprimand. After one reprimand, the moderators can issue more reprimands- or, if deemed necessary, they can suspend the user.
  4. Suspension: If a user has been reprimanded, the Moderators may vote (50% approval or more needed) to ban their account for a 6 month period. If the user tries to sneak back into the forum with other accounts or otherwise subvert the suspension, it becomes a perma-ban.
  5. After 6 months, the user must explain to the mods how they will behave if they are reinstated. If the mods are convinced and 50% or more vote for it, the user is reinstated.
  6. A reinstated user gets one more reprimand from the Mods. Any further rule-breaking, and they will be subject to a perma-ban.

When in doubt, contact any of the moderators (MobileCrusader, Prometheus, PotatoFox, and DanWithTheHat, specifically) with your questions and concerns.