Year of the Dragon

by David Lillie - Posted 3 months ago


Fresh art!  "Vi's Fashionable Future" is posted with the full color treatment on the socials, and the latest Sketch of the Month "Year of the Dragon" is drawn and posted on Patreon now.

What should we draw next?  Let us know in the Dreamkord, we gather suggestions on the last Friday of every month.  Meanwhile....

Skirmish approaches!  I'm working on win / lose screens and other tidbits in anticipation of the early-access backers-only demo.  

In other Vivid news- we're setting you up in your own personal starcraft.  And you will be hearing from some new friends.

Insane ones.

Expect to receive your first Tectomic Transmission soon!  We're having a blast making these.

Volume 6 + Prelude

Meanwhile alongside Skirmish and animation / video fun, Dave & Liz continue creating comics.  Join us!

Weekly livestreams on Picarto.

Live art every Monday & Friday, say hey if you're in the chat.

We're on the brink of a breakthrough with Vivid- expanding from comics, to comics, video games, & animation.  

But we can't do it alone.

New readers have been asking about a Dreamkeepers animated series.  And as a matter of fact:

We have a script for one.

But Dave & Liz are already creating content at a superhuman rate- and if we really want to see more possibilities emerge, it's time for Vivid to staff up.  

That's where you come in.

The Dreamkeepers readership is incredible- you've allowed Dave & Liz to create full time, which is a dream come true.  And if we get more hands on deck, we could take Dreamkeepers to new heights.  So let's do it!

Operation Valentine

To that end, we have a plan to push the Vivid Patreon in February- 

Operation Valentine.

What is 'Operation Valentine,' you ask?

Let's just say we're going to be doing some things we don't normally do, and it will be going out for February backers.

Details to come.  Meanwhile, please consider pitching in to keep Vivid flying!  The $2 level will give you full access to the Dreamkord and our WIP samples, as well as daily art posts.  At the $20 level, you start receiving signed physical merch every month.  We run one of the most rewarding Patreons out there- we tend to focus more on sharing free content than on asking for support, but support is the engine that lets us create everything to begin with.

So please consider joining the fleet!  Every pilot counts.

Let's Go!

Charlie Ascende 3 months ago
Operation Valentine is something I'm really looking forward to- something I can't wait~ <3. Not to mention, Vol. 6 for more Troika arc going on. I bet something big is about to happen very soon.