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Comics, the Banished Medium

HPCP - The Infection

Score one for Idiocy (aka the History of Comics and how Wall Street Honchos ruined everything.)

The Creator Revolution

STOP THAT! (Step away from the internet!)

Action - The Road to a New Market.

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Critiquing Critiquing Story

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Color Blocking

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Politics, Culture, and Miscellany

Parable of the Lantern

Parable of the Raging River

Santa: The Horror

BANNED: Back to the Future is Child Porn.

Trigger Warning: Trigger warnings. Caution- may be triggering.

Unsolicited Advice!

The Future of Media- Musings

The Milo Story, Nazi Prevention, and a Simple Hope


Ban Convicted Sex Predators from Furry Conventions

Strawberry Cage, Intolerance, and Ultracompassion

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Convicted Sex Offender Front & Center at All-Ages Convention