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“I’m glad I got on at the ground floor with this series because it looks to be something special…. like no other I have read. It’s high adventure. It’s fun. And most importantly, it’s an original concept from a new voice in independent comics. I can’t recommend it enough." Ambush Bug, Ain't It Cool News.



Professional Review Excerpts

This Dreamkeepers Vol. 1 is a fresh idea that works on so many levels it will make ou want to scream if you don’t have the second book on hand (trust me I was screaming!) The story is so well scripted and the artwork will take your breath away. This is a much needed title that needs to be recognized…. I can’t even begin to sum up how impressive this book looks. It has a cartoonish quality but the way it is presented puts cartoons to shame. It’s like Dreamworks created this little movie and, oh I get to read it… Excerpts from 'From the Tomb' horror comic magazine- Full Review Here.

When you have read, collected, and written about comic books for as many years I have, it's not too often that you pick up something new and are completely blown away in terms of both art and story...
However, that was exactly what happened when I began to peel through the pages of Dreamkeepers… As a reader, I was pleased to find out as I read the story that Lillie was not catering to younger audiences at all, but was instead writing a rather sophisticated story which had enough 'smarts', enough 'maturity' to appeal to a reader like myself, a reader well past my teen years.
-Excerpts from Cal's Comic Corner- Full Review Here.

…It’s derivative from a lot of different genres and ends up being far more than a sum of its parts...
If you balk at fantasy or talking animals, then you may not get past the first few pages. But we’d urge you to stick with it, as this simply isn’t run of the mill... It looks like it’s made up of stills from a hand-drawn animated film, created somewhere in the mid-Pacific, equidistant between Hollywood and Tokyo. This is no Disney production, though...
Although the characters are solid and the plot will keep you guessing, it’s Lillie’s art that’s the real star of the show. He’s a stickler for detail, making it well worth poring over his beautiful characters and background images as you read through the book...
the artwork is a feast of detail you really don’t want to skim over.
The overall result has the feeling of a Disney animation from the time before they started computer generating everything, but with a plot written for a more discerning audience. It’s charming, disarming, shocking and very compelling – and we’re looking forward to seeing volume two.
-Excerpts from Andy Shaw, Grovel reviews.
Full Review Here.

“It would be easy for some to discount the depth in this book at first glance. .. Cartoonish "manga" style is often stereotyped as a kid thing... This book completely shatters that stereotype... This is a very human story filled with very believable characters.  It was this element that grabbed me by the face from the first page.  These are characters I genuinely like and feel an intense draw towards.
While the writing was absolutely golden, the artwork really shone in this book.  The distinct and expressive characters, incredibly detailed scenery, and vibrant colors all contributed as well to the story as the characters themselves did.
...I'm dying to see more.
This is a great, well-rounded title and an incredible first showing from a new publisher!
...I found myself being very entertained and captivated by this issue. Both the story as well as the art served as a great springboard for this comic. I find that with some of the comics we read that I really lose any thought about them a day or so after I read it. This comic didn't suffer from that fate.
...It was a little darker at spots than I expected from the cutesy animal figures with their big manga/anime eyes.
...A very enjoyable story. This is a really well told tale where characters are layed out nicely and given purpose. 
This is a great start for this first time publisher. 
...One of the few books where all four of us made an inquiry about the availabillity of the book when we are all done reviewing it. In short, we love this book.
-Excerpts from Alex Haas, Stefan Haas, Robert Weiman, Ron Miller, of Indy Comic Review. Full Review Here.

..a visually stunning piece of work on the whole, brimming with charistmatic characters. I'd strongly recommend checking it out even if you're not a hard core comics fan. I think it qualifies as something anyone can enjoy.
-Commentary by Tracy Butler of the Lackadaisy comic.

Ever wake up after a peculiar night's sleep, shake your head and say, "It was all just a dream?" Imagine if it wasn't. Imagine if your future rested on a cute, but not-yet-ready creature who was all that stood between you and demonic possession. After millennia of resting, evil is about to stir. With luck those who are supposed to protect us are up to the task.
Now a motley crew of young animal-like creatures, shielding us from the demons, are struggling to discover their new powers: Mace, the orphan, and his inarticulate friend Whisp, avenging the savage death of their friend; daughters of the Viscount Lilith and Namah; and the strong, very silent Bast. All are connected by the evil that is slowly creeping into their world - and if they're not careful, ours as well.
Dreamkeepers is what anyone who enjoyed a good adventure series like Jeff Smith's Bone could hope for…
The art is brilliant and the characters unique, though volume one's pencil work does show often. The only fault is that it takes the better part of a year to make each book. There is a free web comic available for the insatiable. The story moves briskly, and grabs your attention immediately, with the only problem being that the series is simply so new and the second volume so action-oriented that you're dying for more and have to sit around and wait for the next volume to be completed. What criticisms that exist are small and minor (how can Igrath know that Lilith has burns if he's blind?).
Dreamkeepers is a series that deserves to be more well-known, and is by a company that deserves a great future.
-Excerpts from review by Ian Cordingly of the Charlatan - Full Review Here.

This one came out of left field, but I bumped into it during a search for reference pics, admired the sample pages, and decided to take the plunge and order it. It arrived yesterday and I have to say, it’s really good. It’s sort of a comic book for people who don’t really care for comic books. The characters are lively and have depth, the artwork is gorgeous and the story is intriguing. If this sort of thing floats your boat, definitely take a moment to check it out. I imagine I’ll be revisiting this soon.
Full Review from 'Dragaroo' of Fuzzy Logic.

I’m glad I got on at the ground floor with this series because it looks to be something special…. Lillie’s character designs and comfortable dialogue do a great job of making the characters appealing and memorable.
This is a fun series that is like no other I have read. It’s high adventure. It’s fun. And most importantly, it’s an original concept from a new voice in independent comics. I can’t wait to read more of DREAMKEEPERS and I can’t recommend it enough.
-Excerpts from Ambush Bug, of Ain't it Cool News. Full Review Here.

There are hints of magic, fable, political intrigue and science … The artwork has a very strong animated movie look… Almost all the pages in this collection are striking, but it is the fight scenes where things are taken up a notch with impressive results.It looks stunning, with characters infused with personality and a dynamic range of emotional expression, and some beautiful settings.
In look it will attract the attention of any passing young child, but the focus on budding relationships, mild sexual references, and grim violence suggest a teen audience…Interweaving plot lines makes for an engaging read so adults should find it holding their interest…There is an enormous amount of talent on display in this book, as success.
-Excerpts from Darren Schroeder's review in the Comics Bulletin.Full Review Here.

This self-published graphic novel, the first three chapters of a continuing serial available from its creators’ website, is Furry enough—but Furry what!? The DreamKeepers’ world may be the home of hundreds of thousands of funny animals, but no two seem to be of the same species. With so many different kinds of characters and so many different superpowers, you might think that DreamKeepers is a chaotic mess. Instead, it all comes together very well. The story, except for a very ominous but brief prologue, starts out light and cheerful (despite the brutal orphanage locale) and gradually becomes more suspenseful. There are two separate pair of teen protagonists, Mace and his pal Whip (don’t call him a pet!) from the seaside slums, and the half-sisters Lilith and Namah from the government’s Sabbaton Towers, less a seat of politicians than an aristocracy’s ornate palace. What starts out as their separate stories gradually draws them together. Neither pair knows what is going on, other than that they have stumbled into a vast and deadly conspiracy from which they must escape. Since the story follows them closely, the reader is also reasonably left in the dark as volume 1 ends. The characters are very distinct, and the Good Guys are quite charismatic.
--Excerpts from Fred Patten's Antrozine Review. Full Review Here.

Dreamkeepers combines elements of fantasy and the art of manga and graphic novels. This title may serve as a bridge for graphic novel readers into manga. The fundamental fantasy plot, as well as the in depth character development and rich world-building, will appeal to Bone fans. The blend of light and dark in the artistry and in the novel’s tone is also reminiscent of Smith’s Bone... The first and promising Lillie graphic novel follows the dreamkeepers as they muster their weakened forces to protect both worlds against their forgotten foe…
-Excerpt from write-up by SLIS reading group. Full Review Here.

The world of Dreamkeepers is filled with anthropomorphized creatures, but rather than being based on one specific animal or another, they're cartoonish amalgams of animal features, rendered in an interesting style… The larger story itself seems to have some basis in the old "return of an ancient evil" storyline but has enough going on - and an interesting enough world - to show promise beyond that. "Awakenings" shows great potential as a start to a new series.
-Excerpt from Library.com Full Review Here.

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Reader Review Excerpts

I have to say you went well beyond my expectations no matter how high they may have been… the characters are so real it's unbelievable,… truly the best comic I've read to date anywhere.

Dreamkeepers is the story that Disney might have written. I don't think they could, because they care too much about money, but if they cared more for making something good, then perhaps. Others would compare this to Bone; and though they share many traits, I don't think it works either. Bone's is a clean world. Even with all the mystery about what exactly is going on, there is never any doubt as to where someone is standing.
So, we know what it isn't... so what is it, then?
Dreamkeepers is the story that does it all wrong – which explains why it might be one of the best comics I've ever read.
Here's the laundry list:
-he kills a kid. In the first book. Killing off main characters is a big no-no. Lillie must have missed that part.
-the art is gritty. By which I mean that the work has a more penciled kind of feel to it. Art is supposed to be sleek. Men and women are supposed to be shiny. The grit thing is reserved for dark stories and zombie pieces with Bruce Campbell.
-furries as a rule are just not good. It's not a genre thing. It's more like the law of gravity. But he made them good. Which means he broke physics to make a good comic.
David Lillie belongs amongst the proud ranks of people who do it wrong and make it good – like Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino, or Doug Tennapel. It's not about some bottom line or about meeting expectations. It's about telling a story, and telling it to the best of his ability.
And frankly, the man succeeds. The story is terrific, the art unique without being indie chic, the characters well-executed, and... and... and more people need to read this!
So, sir, I tip my barely-published hat to you. I'm brewing hot drinks for the next volume, and though I can wait – because I am now – it is not easy. But it's worth it. - RG

I don't normally read a lot of hard-copy comics (just stuck on webcomics right now), let alone order them online, but something about yours just popped out to me and coaxed me to go for it, and now I'll probably be a reader for as long as it lasts.- MD

I just got the copy today, sat down and was blown away by it… The story line is great and I look forward to reading more, hell I'm going to sit down and read it again.- J

…It's beautiful! The color and detail is overwhelming… - E

 When I first got this out of the package, the effort spent on making this comic was immediately apparent.  Good quality artwork, awesome story and characters that beg to be known make an excellent blend of reading and enjoyment… This did not disappoint in the least and was well worth it!  the only downfall was that now I have to wait for the next installment! – AS

I just wanted to say that I love what you're doing with DreamKeepers and Vivid Publishing and wish you guys the best of luck. I received Vol. 1 (a few weeks back now) and was immediately sucked in by your fun and varied cast of characters, intriguing storyline, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous panels. Your characters are so likable and engaging that I was genuinely taken aback when…

I'll admit, I don't often read print comics (for many of the same reasons you listed in your forward), so I wasn't sure quite to expect at first. But having read it, I wouldn't trade my copy (121/300) for the world. ..You can consider me subscribed to the rest of the series. Keep up the amazing work! - DM?

Amazing! Truly Amazing! After reading a friend's copy, I had to have one for my own. If you don't have one yet, go buy it, because you don't know what you're missing. I'm mainly a webcomic only person, but this was worth every penny. With its amazing artwork and addicting story, you'd have to be crazy to not want a copy. JS

I just got your book in the mail today, and I am really left in awe right now... everything was so much more than I thought it would be!... The shifts in atmosphere really stood out well for me and let me get involved with the characters… The characters themselves were better than I imagined them, especially Mace…-MD

I really liked the subtle shifts in humour in the background as well, not expressive enough to distract from the dialouge, but evident enough to lend some really good chuckles.- MD

The character's attitudes and design all just work together so well. I can tell that the story is only going to get better and better from here on out- MD

I wish more people were as interested in making their customers as happy as you are.

The character design here is top notch. The characters are cute and expressive, and well balanced in their execution. They emote with a very early Disney ease and clarity…. The premise is very inventive and innovative. It would be very easy to be preachy or to walk in another writer's footsteps with the subject matter. DreamKeepers tells an original story with a well thought out framework.

The writing is interesting and well paced. I never once felt like I was being condescended to, or pandered to. The characters were well fleshed out without hobbling the story telling. Many writers, especially in comic formats, either tell stories without characterization or build characters and have no story. DreamKeepers walks the line very well while still leaving room for later development.

The art is quirky and fun. It is, at turns, semi-realistic (The backgrounds are amazing.) and cartoonish. Very unique."…It seems almost like you're being sucked in by the story, like you're not on earth, but a spectator watching this unfold.- J

I finally had a chance to read the book last night. It is FANTASTIC!!!! Ahem… Pardon me for the shouting please, but I really enjoyed it and wanted to tell you that. - M

…All I can say is: WOW… The colors were brilliant, it was like every panel was hand-painted… The story was engaging and fast-paced… stopping never occurred to me until I was done. The book itself also had a feel different from other comics… the character designs are fantastic…- LM

The way the older orphans talked about Grunn and his 'gold hunt' and the slob mating season was a bold move- most people don't put that in their stuff unless the whole thing is raunchy, but you managed to use that- and certain mild cuss words- only where it emphasized a joke or scene to the max. It's too bad there aren't more books like that willing to crouch between 'child' and 'mature' groups- LM

Wow. That's all I really have to say. The book wasn't too short, and the story drove it along at breakneck speeds. It was a rush, and I am glad I bought a book- TM

The whole fight scene is spectacular. The dialogue, the tendrils, the angle, the perspective, the colors, the hypnotically shiny hair.... I can only imagine how much work you put into that.- LM

Well, I'd say you have one hell of a series in the works there, sir, and I can't wait for more. I wouldn't change a thing about it.- LM

I finally got my mail today- and therefore my book! It was wonderful! Kinda sad, you know... but I like the plot. It's very engaging- I couldn't put it down. I can't wait until the second book comes out! - AW

I can't recall how I came across your web site but I'm glad I did. I, like you, have been frustrated with what the comic world has had to offer for a very long time. Thats why I'm
so glad I took a chance on DreemKeepers. The story, or what you've presented us with of it so far, is very well thought out. I can tell that you took a lot of time thinking this through and it looks like you've come up with a real gem. The artwork is excellent. You have your own unique style that sets you apart from everyone else. The backgrounds and visuals are spectacular… I really can't wait to get my hands on the second volume…
Thank you so much for doing this book. - SS

DreamKeepers is one of those graphic novels that is such a refreshing breath of fresh air in the sea of crap that is mainstream comics, that it's hard to know where to begin on what this one does right.
For those of you turned off by the fact that the characters in DreamKeepers ar
e 'furry'/anthro, either go jump off a cliff, slam your head in the refrigerator door, whatever it takes to approach this series with an open mind because the characters are creative, unique, interesting and extremely well designed. Namah is a particular favorite of mine. Also well designed are the backgrounds and action sequences. Just look at the one scene where Mace is out in the rain, it's beautiful! Or how about Namah and Lilith fighting Tinsel? It's exciting just looking at these illustrations, they're so well created.
The story is also excellent so far, though unfortunately the 'DreamKeeper' aspect has yet to be explored (but likely will show up in the next volume). Plot points diverge into areas you don't see coming, and it's nice to see it veer into more adult territory- dealing with themes of death, loss, greed and isolation.
If there's anything I would complain about, it's the inclusion of another cliched 'cute' sidekick called Whip, but it hardly detracts from all that is brilliant about DreamKeepers. I'm very interested to see how the story continues, and I greatly anticipate when the next volume will be released
-Reader posting on ‘GoodReads.com’

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