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This title utterly rocks: the concept is beyond solid, the characters reach out and grab you, and it's just a hell of a lot of fun to read.  That being the case, I realize my praise may be more glowing than most are accustomed to in my reviews, but take it for what it is.
-Alex Haas, Indy Comic Review


Professional Review Excerpts

What stands out the most to me, other than the epic scale of the story and gorgeous character designs of the animalistic characters that populate the book, is the coloring. Gazing across the pages of DREAMKEEPERS, it's as if a rainbow had committed hari kari and bled out all over the page. Vivid shades of pinks, purples, blues, and reds, all brighter than I thought possible on the printed page, are there for your eyes to soak in, eat up, and enjoy. This is something pretty special in comic book form. It's a waking dream filled with imagination and wonder, with characters that are relatable and three-dimensional. So why don't you make the creators of this book’s (David Lilly and Liz Thomas) dreams come true and check this book out? It's definitely worth it for the eye feast alone.
-Ambush Bug, Ain’t It Cool News Full Review Here.

I don’t think it’s over-stating how strong this series is shaping up to be by putting it in the same category as Bone or Mouse Guard. There’s been no degradation in the quality of Lillie’s beautiful artwork between volumes 1 and 2, as he continues the visual feast he started in the first book. The pages are well worth drinking in, with visual gags and other unworded elements of the book often found riding in tandem alongside the main narrative.
It’s a shame that Lillie’s work isn’t finding a wider audience through sheer availability issues but, as he explains in his introduction, to choose any other path would have compromised his vision for the series and we think the end result is worthy of that. If you haven’t seen volume one yet though, keep your eyes peeled when in you’re in your local graphic novel shop - you’ll need to read the first one to get anything out of this.
Andy Shaw - Grovel Reviews Full Review Here.

…They also work with longer action sequences, as well - a long chase down a mountain, and a standoff in a house - and it fits the book well. A less effective change is the somewhat raunchy humor - there in the previous book, but more common here, and kind of overdone. Though the writing has those hiccups, the art is slightly improved over the previous volume - a little cleaner and fewer leftover lines, with the same interesting art style…
-Library Thing Full Review Here.

This title utterly rocks: the concept is beyond solid, the characters reach out and grab you, and it's just a hell of a lot of fun to read.  That being the case, I realize my praise may be more glowing than most are accustomed to in my reviews, but take it for what it is.  While you're at it, order a copy of this book and join the ranks of the converted.
Volume 2 picks up where the first book left off - as usually happens.  The danger has not passed and only half of our leading characters know what's going on, only hinting at the full plot unfolding for us, the readers.  If handled poorly, this could have crippled even the best of comics.  Fortunately, Lillie and Thomas manage to not only pull it off, but exceptionally so.  It's a balancing act, no question - but one that is successful in its aims…
Dreamkeepers has been, to this point, one of the most engrossing and exciting comics I've been privileged to read as a reviewer for ICR.  I see no sign of it letting up any time soon!
-Alex Haas, Indy Comic Review Full Review Here.

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Reader Review Excerpts

…Well worth the wait! The art is as engaging (not to mention adorable) as ever, and the story just keeps getting better. The story isn't predictable, and its serious without being overbearing, with an exciting yet believable backstory. The plot moves at a good pace, not too slow but not too fast to follow. I love it!
-A W

Flight to Starfall", like a blockbuster movie sequel, is everything that made its prequel great, while also standing on its own as a triumph of originality and entertainment. Bring the popcorn to this one. Reading one of David Lillie's comics is like watching an animated film. You can imagine each character's voice along with their words, almost hear footsteps and the chatter of crowds along with every sound effect, and nearly get sucked into every movement in every combat sequence. The only thing missing is a musical score, and I solved the problem by listening to one of Howard Shore's soundtracks. Trust me, that'll do the trick.
-A K

…Since Vivid is independent the content can contain whatever it wants, mixing a generally clean plotline with a few hilarious vulgar jokes, bright, lovely cartoonish characters and world with dark, disturbing plot urns, and generally doing everything and anything to make the plot perfect- nothing to excess, nothing in lacking.
-L M

Volume One was already a great book, but Volume Two takes it to a new level. The story, the characters, the colouring, the art, everything have evolved. I can thumb through the book over and over and I still discover new details and it’s always fun to read the sarcastic comments of Namah or the strange split personality conversations of Wisp.
Keep up the magnificent work.
-A K

…I'm at work right now but my friend just gave me volume 2 and I read it durning my lunch break, (in one hour =^_^=) any was just wanted to let you known that you made my life that much better. The story is getting better and better. I really feel like I'm in a differnt place, and I don't get into book or manga that much, but you guys are just pwning everything. On top of that the art work just blows my mind everytime I look at it. Keep it up, or I'll hunt you down and let my ferret lose on you ^_^

Every panel is brilliantly and, yes, vividly colored, with faint traces of the original lineart that adds to its unique style. If the designs are cartoonish, it is all for the better- I've never seen such a high level of expression reached in any other style.

Volume Two introduces new characters for both sides, from the sly, sexy, sassy Indigos to the manically schizophrenic Wisp and the creepy, threatening Nabonidus. Each character is as unique as his or her physical appearance, all the way down to the dialogue. …It is all done subtly and is shown, not told, through the behavior and dialogue along the way.

Reading Dreamkeepers is a fast-paced experience that makes time fly away without any notice, unlike parts of every other graphic novel I’ve read, all of which contain at least some bits of long-winded plot that are not especially engaging. But even though the read is quick, it is almost an addiction, sucking you back in to read it again, but the second time the stunning panache of the visuals can be fully appreciated, as well as the miniscule details and background motions that Lillie never skimps on.
-L M

I finished reading Dream Keeper 2 and I must say
Keep it up
Thanks for a wonderfull comic
-T "B" B

When I read the first book I was instantly hooked by the astounding art and captivating artwork, so naturally when the second book arrived in my mailbox a thrill swept though me- for I knew that I was about to embark upon a journey into the world of what is truly the best anthropomorphic comic...no comic period, out there! …I tell furs all the time about DK, and it truly should be the "Harry Potter" of the anthropomorphics meta genera! -F V

I loved it! Great plot line and I love the way you finally let some info in on the Dreamkeepers' situation. Lovely details and you ended it really nicely. Brilliant! Vincent/Cuddles is so cute. Wrap him up, I'll take 2! Nabonidus actually looks like a really awesome bad guy. I'm impressed. Indigo girls. Smart, sexy, clever. Need I say more.

It's beautiful! You did a wonderful job! The
story and characters are developing nicely and you're bringing more
questions to my mind that I won't ask because it's more fun to wonder
what future volumes will bring.
Anyway, I love the development of Mace's crush on Lilith. His little
peeks and glances, and the way he tries to stop himself is adorable.

Dreamkeepers has a combination of Michael Jackson's awe-inspiring and meticulously detailed landscapes and cities, Hayao Miyazaki's memorable, human-and-yet-animal characters, Guillermo Del Toro's nightmarish villains and monsters, and Steven Spielberg's timeless and epic stories, while of course continuing to bring something entirely new and expressly David Lillie to anyone who cares for a great read. It also has risqué, shonen-esque humor to it which, while appreciated by adult readers like me, puts Dreamkeepers firmly out of reach of children. It ain't exactly explicit, but it ain't no Disney story, either.
-A K

And finally, the introduction of every new character (and there are quite a few) is done seamlessly, with iconic scenes, and nearly everyone from the first installment is back and looking better than ever. One read will not be enough to soak up everything, of course. After writing this review, I'm going back for another go. And after I'm done with that, I'll check to see if Vol.3 is ready for pre-orders yet. Hey, you never know...
-A K

i recieved the second issue of dreamkeepers last night wich i promptly read and will most likely read several more time XD posativly love it and i believe the wait was well worth it. yes most definitly
i look farward to the next issue i can barely wait
-A B

I just finished reading
the second volume of Dreamkeepers, and it was amazing! The plotline and the characters just keep you guessing, and it makes the story so intriguing. And the graphics and color were amaaaazing! ^o^ Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. And somehow, no matter how many times I read them, they NEVER get old! :] Thank you so much for a great installment to the series, and I can't wait for the next volume. :D
- J P

... got my volume 2 and read it great blows my mind man great story and art i cant wait for volume 3

This is a fantastic Epic story! The story line is so grasping and I love the balance that is used. There is so much intensity, passion, combat, and so much more! I’m enveloped in the DreamKeepers world when I begin reading. Done read it twice and I plan to read it again!
-A J S

I did get the comic and LOVE IT! The Forward was AWESOME… Glad the comic made it and didn't get butchered into crud… I love the story, characters, in depth plot, story twist and turns, the beautiful artwork and coloring, environment has a real FEEL to it, Just really great stuff!
- McG

The past weekend, I went on a camping trip with some of my firends. One of them, however, was wasn't talking on the ride there, his head behind a book. I asked what he was reading, and he said Dreamkeepers. He said it was the second book and he had just got in the mail. He also had the first one, and I asked if I could read it.
I was immediatly hooked.
I read the all the chapters within that first day, and lots of conversations about your amazing story took place. Mainly about how we all laughed about the great humor. "...Shock Troopers." "Are they smiling?" "No." That was porbably my favorite part, humor wise… Other than the humor, the entire plot and the charcters are absolutly amazing. Me and my friends are all eager for more information about upcoming books as well as the prequal you do on your website… David, your story is amazing and you will make your book famous, just give it a little time.
-D B

I'll tell you right now that I had high-expectations for the graphic novel and they weren't just met, they were blown away! The most recent three chapters are just as exhilarating (if not more) than the first. Awesome job you two.
…Obviously, tons of hard work and dedication have gone into your stunning comic and it totally shows. I'm sure you have about 300 completely satisfied customers with their pre-orders in hand (or soon-to-be in hand) …I actually have two great friends who aren't even "furries" and they are absolutely hooked on your comics as well.
-K R

I just got my book last night around 8:30 pm and i love it both the story telling and the artwork are both surpureb and amazing both of you are doing great work on this comic. I love the little sketch of wisp on the back of the front cover . -M S

Technically it arrived a couple of days ago but I wanted to give myself some time to read over it a few times and really let it sink in, so I could step up and give you guys my review... which probably won't be much of a review considering I loved every last inch of it down to the tiny cracks in the ice volcano on it ^^; So here goes nothing.
… The first thing I noticed was the shift in the artwork itself. I mean, aside from general improvements as far as detailing the backgrounds and whatnot. The coloring really stood out. All the environments, and the characters are so imaginative. I don't believe I've seen any like them anywhere else.
…The Indigos blew me away. They are fun to even just look at. Every single panel that had them in it automatically flourished. …Scinter is bad-ass. At first I thought he was just kind of there. But his moment when…

…I especially liked the diverse settings in this one, from that icy cave to the snowy mountains to the bustling festival at sunset, each of which was beautifully and imaginatively rendered... Oh, and also imaginative were the new characters, monsters, and even the anonymous "peace" troopers... You know, I know I've mentioned this before, but now more than ever, I say that DreamKeepers would believably make a cool video game… The additional materials in the back are very cool too: the cultural notes and the making-of documents. …So much goodness bundled up in one book, I can't stop raving about it.
-E M

Well I just finished Vol. 2, and I have to say it was just as good as Vol. 1.... well I have to say that it was actually better then Vol 1! I love the Indigos that were introduced, and the art on Star Fall is amazing! The story progressed at a nice pace, and was easy to follow. The action was really fun to read, and look at the art and flowed really well. I can't wait till Vol. 3 comes out! Thankfully Prelude is around to keep me entertained each week till Vol. 3 is finished up! Thanks again for such a great book.

Just got through reading the 2nd graphic novel of Dream Keepers by David Lillie & Liz Thomas. This is a great anthropomorphic series featuring very animated looking characters. Like a cross between Don Bluth and Disney, this new adventure/fantasy is really exceptional comic.

I just got done reading both books and I haven't felt that way in a decade. Wow. I don't really know how to explain it. I'm really glad you pushed your idea through. I can't wait to read the next volume. Thank you for sharing your story.
-T G

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