DK Holly Jolly Halloween Comic

  Mace and Whip devise an undoubtedly superior strategy for trick-or-treating! I love some of the background detail in this illustration, like the wedding portrait on the wall, the elaborately designed doorknob, and the thoughtfully placed shadows behind the showcasing duo. And I love the bandaged-bloody Mace outfit alongside Whip’s eminently appropriate gaping mouth. The artist Threngita comments, “Mace(chainsaw) and Whip(oodles of knives) decided to take a houses entire stock of Halloween candy... and they are pursued by the houses owner... the Harvest Festival Gold Medalist Sprinter... and yes... whip does have the power of telekinesis... he is not throwing the knives up, he’s using his MIND!!!!!” To comment on this piece and enjoy more art, visit their art accounts at: and







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