Dawn of Time

  Very intense piece! The lavish use of blacks really gives a weighty feel to the scene, and the effect is augmented by the hatching and use of lines. The endless see of strange hairy creatures is greatly spookifying… The hero DreamKeeper in the illustration looks up to the task, despite the looming adversaries around him. Then the added twist of a kooky anthropomorphic moon in the backdrop just adds an extra dash of flavor. Great work - fun, tactile, and creepy! The artist also drafted a poem to accompany this image, below: (Forgive me for the formatting, I'm new to PHP and can't integrate the proper linespacing) __________________________________________________At the Dawn of time, when nightmares ran throughout the lands, there was one who did not submit to their terrible rule. On the night of the monsters we now call the Halloween he stood on a tall rock, and faced all the terrors of the Halloween night, accompanied only by his brave squire. At the darkest hour of the night all the nightmares gathered to witness this weird and unusual sight. Their king was there as well as their high priest. A warrior that did not fear their masses nor their crude spears or swords. Truly an unusual sight, though soon short lived they thought in unison. And then the moon showed up, washing the lone warrior in it's silvery light. And now, today, we celebrate, although not knowingly, the Halloween night, the night of the monsters, in remembrance of that moon lighted night. And all the nightmares still remember that single warrior that did not fear all their numbers nor all their might. The warrior who gave them a feel of fear and terror._________________Artist: Karri Flinkman







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