A marvelously, spookily disturbing illustration! I love the painted color washes, and the grim horde of cannibalistic cuddlies crouching under the nightmare are simply irresistible. I don’t know if I want to hug them or run away - maybe I could manage both at the same time. This illustration was created by Star-Seal, who had more to share about the content: “Pictured is a 'Sandman' Nightmare, so-called because it attacked the night Paige was afraid of being taken away by The Sandman. Now, if I were to hazard a guess I'd say Sandmen don't actually carve people up; they just choke them and smother them with the blue gas that comes out of their snouts. So maybe it just gassed that big Spark ryuu-neko and rolled in jam while they tucked in. I wouldn't know. I wasn't there. But Dark ryuu-nekos are cannibals, so the little ones have to be raised on something.” To comment on this art and see more illustrations, visit her art account at:







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