Girls can be sooo picky!

  Being a very passionate singer I was wondering how such a talent might manifest as a dreamkeepers power. What could one do with it, how would it effect people and what are the potential limits? While I was thinking about that, my comic's main character entered my mind and stayed. I call her Ash and since she has obviously control of her powers she had to be part of the semi-underground faction around Igrath. This little story just shows one of the facettes that this special power could have (as I imagined it to also be capable of destruction, if using the right notes/music), along with the obvious drawbacks of potentially effecting everyone who hears it, all wrapped up in a slightly sassy, headstrong cat-character. The nightmare here is sort of a shapeless manifestation of darkness. In a way it's the dark threat that haunts you in your dream, that you know is there, but which you cannot see or fight against. Of course, to put this thing to sleep, you would have to use an unconventional lullaby and I sincerely hope Brahms would forgive Ash for spontaneously butchering his wonderful song. I hope it makes you smirk.







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