What better way to make a costume of one of my favorite characters than wit another one of my favorite characters? This is MegaMaceX! Mace, and Megaman! what better? He can now steal powers from the other characters! And it's an actual game! (lie) This illustration was made in two drawings, one for the armor and one for mace without the armor. I redisigned the X armor for it to fit in mace and the helmet is quite different in the colour pattern, it also has armor ears, you just HAVE to love those armor ears, and it has shiny gems too! Just like X had in his helmet too = The most complicated thing in the armor design was the legs. Besides of having the "megaman" esque logotype on the top with a sparkly background makes this a futuristic like illustration. and you can also see comments about the "game" people played and how they rate it! MegaMaceX! Coming soon in a store AWAY from you! =D HAPPY HALLOWEEN DAVE AND LIZ! PS: The Vivid Capcom logo tops it all =) My sites:







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