The Dreamkeeping Before Christmas

  Wowww…. Wow! This piece is fun with fun sauce in a fun crust. It’s so nicely put together, and the theme cohesion is perfect! Everything from the rolling, stylized landscape, to the glittering stars and the huge moon (Which doubles as a nice framing device), and then the characters… Grunn as an angry Santa is great, and then we have some of the orphans - Gorse even! - from the orphanage as the side-kick characters carting Santa away. Bast and Lilith looking fantastic as the two leads from Corpse Bride, and Mace & Page completing the Nightmare before Christmas cast in the center - even Whip as Zero! On top of that, the art style is clearly define, and skillfully executed - with an added dash of moody lighting to boot. Everything works together wonderfully in this illustration, amazing work!







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