Treat, then Trick!

  Fun glowy text with accentuating blood splatters are only the beginning in this illustration! Engaging costumes, generous shading, and vivid colors make it a distinctive and fun illustration! The artist Sc0t1n4t0r shared additional information about his creation: “Mace is dressed as a vampire (sort of), and Whip is a Pirate. The cape: It's not black but a kitchen mantle. It's really short to be a good cape and I'd figure out that Mace "borrowed it", but worse is nothing! isn't it? The knife in the tail: This idea was suggested by a friend of mine (as a joke) and then I remembered that we always put the knives were you least expect it. This year out knife is in a tree stump... weird huh? So I'd figure out that the tail couldn't get really empty and have nothing on! So the tail has a costume too. Feed Us!: Idea suggested by another friend and I actually thought it fit well because, they are *sniff* orphans! D=“ To comment on this fun illustration and see more, visit the creator’s art accounts at: and







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