Two Worlds, One Dream

  I actually did most of the inks two years ago and meant to turn it in for last year's contest but I didn't have time to finish it then so I'm glad I finally was able to finish it this year. Just cleaned up some of the line art and colored it, I'm happy with how it turned out. The idea behind this is when worlds collide, the somewhat comedic reaction that would take place when the Dreamkeepers World and reality merged. I had fun deciding the different costumes. I wish I had time to do a few more characters like Bast, Cuddles, or the Twins....Ah well, next time. ^_^ If you can't tell what costumes they are wearing: Whip(I forget what he was originally but lets call him a food connoisseur), Mace(Indiana Jones), Lilith(a Modest Princess), and Namah(Ninja). The other four below are pretty self explanatory. Nuff said. XD deviantart: sketch/comic progress







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