Welcome to the 10th Annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest, hosted in the Deviantart group!

To enter, just submit your entry to the Halloween Contest Fanart 2015 Gallery. If you don't have a DA account, you can make one for free here:

The entry deadline is Friday the 30th at 9 am. Late entries are welcome to join, we still give stickers out - we just can’t consider them for category judging and prizes.

And speaking of prizes:






Every entrant can receive a trick-or-treat prize, the Mystery Sticker! Send your mailing address to our e-mail before Nov. 15th (Dreamkeeperscomic *at* gmail.com) with a link to your entry.

There are 6 categories where prizes will be issued:
Sexiest (SFW)
Best Costume.
Best Art.

Best Comic.
Extra-Dimensional.(For 3-D sculptures, carvings, etc)

Writing. (Only the first 3,000 words will be judged)

Two runner-ups in every category win a clay hand-painted Harvest Festival bead-the winner wins a bead, and also receives the Grand Prize.

This year’s Grand Prize is a cast resin DK seal.

Be sure to e-mail us with your address before November 15th to claim your prize! (Dreamkeeperscomic *at* gmail.com)

Entries to the Dreamkeepers Fanart contest should involve the idea of Dreamkeepers in some way, but beyond that, you are free to exercise creative license. The Halloween theme is suggested but by no means required - the main point of this contest is for you to have fun! If you want to create art for the contest that features your own Dreamkeeper, that’s totally fine, and makes for a valid competitive entry. Fanart that has competed in our previous contests isn't eligible to be entered again, but if it’s never been in the contest before then feel free to submit it!

A person can submit as many entries as they want. Each entry they submit is treated like a separate contestant. There is no limit to how many prizes a person can win, only a limit to how many prizes a single entry can win. (one prize per entry maximum.)

Every entry is considered for possible winning in every category - no entries are looked at only in regards to one category.

Well, that’s about it for rules - have fun, and enjoy the contest and your Halloween!

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