From Namah to Nainso, Tia to Tekra, not every Dreamkeepers character will get the factory treatment. Fortunately we are capable of creating individual custom Dreamkeeper plush of any character for you, in two varieties:
pose-able plush and pillow plush.
Pose-able plush are approximately three feet tall to maintain character porportions, have a fully moveable plastic skeleton with stuffing and foam inserts, and are made to duplicate the exact style of the characters featured in the books.
'Pillow plush' are a softer form of Dreamkeepers characters. Inspired by Japanese chibi design, these characters have large eyes, a larger head, and floppy limbs. They use the same materials as the pose-able, but are only 18 inches tall. (minus the tail) Combining machine with hand- stitching, they are floppy, fun, full of fluff, and rarely stand on their own.  
All of our plush are individual works of art, not intended to be treated as toys or given to small children. If you are interested in ordering a plush to be handmade for you, please email with the subject 'plush'. If there's a character you love but may have been forgotten, give us a shout! We will happily assess what it will take to make that 'Grunn beer cozy' come to life for you.
To work on a first-time 'locked' pose-able character, the price starts at 400. It's necessary to finalize a pattern and collect the materials. Once a character has been 'unlocked' for the first time, the price drops to 300.

A 'locked' character as pillow plush begins at 100. Once a character has been 'unlocked' for the first time, the price drops to 50.

Price includes shipping within the United States as well as all materials and labor. International shipping is extra.
Characters unlocked (graphic novel versions): Paige, Mace, Lilith, Nainso, Vi, Tinsel
Reserved for the Volume 5 Kickstarter (unavailable for now): Vanth and Namah Pillow Plush

Characters locked: the rest of the cast.

Some pose-able characters, such as Lilith, arrive wearing real jewelry. Some, pose-ables, like Vi, have a variety of costume choices available. Vi's tail is about three feet long and a three foot spine runs through, she uses up to ten feet of bone material.
Dave and Liz use the color swatches intended for their books to determine the right tones that will become a plush. Their comics and sketches are the inspiration to match every image of that character. They search locally as well as great distances, selecting fabrics based on color and texture. What they can't find they make. Minky, pleather, fake furs, felt, plastic, silks, buttons, custom clay noses, are a few of the materials that become a plush character. A blend of machine and hand stitching, it takes a solid month of work to create one plush. Updates and pictures of each project are sent to the owner as the plush reaches completion.