During development of the DK graphic novel saga, the characters took on a life and flair of their own... Their backstories and history were just too much fun to leave unexplored and neglected. Additionally, the graphic novels take us so much time to produce we wanted to offer readers something for their patience - as well as have the chance to share our work with those who may not be able to purchase the books. Combine this with the artistic temptation to delve further into the characters' lives, and soon Prelude was created! The webcomic follows the childhood misadventures of prominent characters from the graphic novel saga - Mace, Whip, Lilith, Namah, Bast, and more to come! To veteran and new readers alike welcome, thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy the stories!

Eking out an impoverished existence, Mace and Whip are too young to realize they’re supposed to be miserable. Instead, they hazard escapades great and small, both at the mandatory Social Learning Center and home on the rickety orphanage docks. However, they face antagonists at every turn, from bratty classmates and politically-correct teachers to the hulking brutish caretaker Grunn...
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High above the clouds in the lap of luxury live the two Viscount’s daughters, Lilith and Namah - but there the similarities end. The shunned illegitimate child, Namah is locked away from the view of the public with no hope of escape. Resentful and resourceful, Namah learns how to slip out of her room at will, transforming into the Tower terror, harassing everyone from innocent guards to pouting supermodels. Her only true friend is her half-sister Lilith; but Lilith has problems of her own. Victimized by the two-faced jealousy of other girls at the private Tower Academy, Lilith tries her best to focus on her studies- while coping with the chaos that is her sister...
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