Christmas 2009 : Shining Bright

David: Merry Christmas, and welcome to our first holiday season Prelude! Another first you may have noticed here are the animated background elements. We aren't planning on incorporating this feature into every weekly Prelude, but wanted to try something fun and experimental for the holiday edition. I rather like how it came out, and will look for opportunities to include animated flourishes down the road in other seasonal Preludes. As for the idea behind this strip, I have no idea where it originated from... It was one of those magical comics that seemed almost to write itself. All it took was combining All Spirits' Eve lights with Namah, and she really handled the narrative from there.
Liz: We sort of figure that starting simple on the animations for now (lights, snow, basic effects) will eventually snow-ball out of control as we create seasonal holiday comics until by the fourth or fifth one, Whip is literally flying around the page and the other orphans are reenacting the ending to ’A Charlie Brown Christmas’. And maybe some sound…Actually, the image files prevent us from animating on the normal archive-ish Preludes for now, which is probably a very good and healthy thing for us. But we’ll figure out a way. And when Namah is kicking Bill off the side of the screen, you’ll know we found it. The strange thing about subtle animated clips in webcomics like this, is that they feel special to me. I know the web is full of videos, moving animations on sites, flash, gifs, emoticons, etc., but for some reason little things like this feel candid and sneaky, like my brain forgets that it‘s all been done before. And to look closely at the screen in case I missed one. I sort of hope other folks are inspired by this and start doing little background animations to their comics. And then toss me a chewy treat. Nom nom nom.