Christmas 2010 : Allspirit's Eve

David: Welcome to our 2010 holiday special! It occurred to me as I was drawing this one that we've never actually seen Anduruna in the winter before - specifically, the orphanage. Liz and I have talked before about what winter in Grunntopia would be like, so it was fun to get a chance to briefly show it here. The bunkroom and it's canvas walls couldn't hold up against the freezing ocean winds and snowfall, so we figured the cafeteria and the adjoining oven would be the orphan's last refuge. Charles Dickens, eat your heart out.
Liz: Ha ha, Grunntopia. You're giving far too much credit there. Our color scheme for the winter holidays is a crimson red combined with gold and pale blues - the lighting is casting the blue; this snow is intended to be different from the mountain snow in Volume 2.
Hopefully the little carol above explains the gist of the season.