Halloween 2009: Bloody Demented

David: Our first seasonal Prelude! I’m glad we’re starting this tradition up, because I think it’s going to be a fun addition to the annual Fanart Contest. Plus it seemed a bit unfair that readers were contributing art to the festivities, while we were just spectators. As to the story above, I’m not quite certain how Whip was able to convey his desired plans to Vi - let’s presume it was something like a drawn-out squeak-filled game of charades. But seeing Mace getting pranked by his friends was for me an entertaining deviation from the status quo. _______________________________________________________________________ Liz: Yes! Seasonal! YAH! This ‘making holiday comics’ idea has been a major ’we really should do this’ that was long overdue. This story is a little tame for my taste- I could see it being a regular Prelude-but it’s the first one, allowing expansion in years to come. ( I would like to see silly comic ideas that break our normal themes, like Whip eating the other orphans one by one in a horror movie setting. I’m really pushing for that kinda stuff next year. If you roll over the character icons on either side, we get a little of this.) We aren’t sure if the seasonal comics will be every year since everything’s based on what we have time for, but they do have a new section in the archives so you won’t miss one.