Halloween 2010: The Beast Within

David: I hope you like epilepsy, because the animation got just a bit out of hand this year… Within the individual panels everything seemed under control, but when looked at as a whole, we may have crossed the line here. I hope you enjoy the flickering glory. I think the part I like best about this strip is the contrast between Namah’s fantasy and the clearly sad-to-be reality. That’s always the case with Halloween costumes - imagination soars, the possibilities come to life, and then paper mache’ and pipe cleaners fail to bring justice to the vision. And the cooler the costume is, the harder it is to see out of - this I learned one year as a misguided and enthusiastic velociraptor. I have to admit as well, this comic came out overall a little more disturbing than I had planned. It was all fun and games to write this stuff out over coffee, but actually seeing Namah’s monstrous fantasy wreaking havoc is creeping me out. It makes me wonder how seriously she takes it - is it just an idle fantasy, or more of a goal? ….I think the guards deserve a raise. _____________________________________________________________________ Liz: Hello and welcome to the Dave Show. Starring…well I’m not sure what that thing is, but Liz is on harp and Gregori on drums. My job in this animated monstrosity was to keep Tinsel from wearing what may be mistaken as a pope hat. I may have missed my mark there.