Halloween 2013: Cosmo

Dave: The concept for this one goes all to Liz- struck by inspiration, aka the reality sitting there repeating it’s name in the corner, she adapted the famous Edgar Allen Poe hit single for this comic. Aside from satirizing gothic poetry, it’s an introduction for the latest addition to our Team of Inhuman Allies (pets)- Cosmo, a fabulously self-absorbed green-cheeked conure. In true pokemon form, he has taken it upon himself to constantly repeat his own name while crouching on my shoulder watching me draw. Setting aside, (I dream of living in a cobwebby mansion such as this) it’s actually pretty accurate. _____________________________________________________________________ Liz: Yup. I was too busy coloring and “adapting” (stealing) Poe’s Raven poem to be in this comic. Which is fine, because Cosmo bites. But only me.