Intruder Alert!

Dave: Another average day in the life of Dave & Liz. Although, I must admit to a few inaccuracies in this portrait… I currently have no pair of slippers, and if I did, they’d probably be a radiant lime green of some shade. Additionally the transformation sequence does not make a ’PCHOW’ noise - I’ve been meaning to implement that improvement, but haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t know if it’s just vanity, but it is fun to occasionally make a “Stupid Prelude” featuring our domestic trio. Perhaps it’s because my cartoon self is so damn easy to draw - circle, circle, DONE. Now I know why Mickey Mouse has such a bizarrely shaped head - it’s fast to draw. And on the topic of Disney, I would like to note Tally’s Fusion Generator treadmill, inspired by the classic Aladdin scene where Iago generates a fake storm for Jafar. Because 12 year olds from 1990, and David, think that sort of thing is hilarious. _____________________________________________________________________ Liz: “Inaccuracies in this portrait?!” When I first pitched this comic idea to you, we had to rework it until the ending no longer included the net cannon - our perfectly presentable, serviceable net cannon. Because you said that didn’t happen. Yet you managed to pump my boots up past my knees which is a lie. My boots are like half that height. …An issue which may now need to be resolved, ‘cause I like how that looks. But that’s beside the point. You’re a hypocrite, my dear, a hypocrite. _____________________________________________________________________ Dave: And now the world knows why I am no photographer - too much TRUTH to edit out!