Roundhouse Kick to the Hospital

Dave: So, I guess this is our way of explaining the little Prelude hiatus we had… Sorry for the delay, everyone. We were having adventures. A more detailed explanation can be found on our blog: Now that Liz has been busted outta the hospital, Prelude’ll be back in action next week - thank you to everyone for your patience!
_____________________________________________________________________ Liz: Oh Dave. We always have adventures. This is all quite normal. Stupid Prelude is just our way of expressing them visually, otherwise we’re left with eight hour car rides of *weird* private in depth discussion. The explanation for the comic is on the blog and has nothing to do with Chuck Norris. I’m so sorry, Chuck Norris, for dragging you into this and abusing you for a lame joke. You, your glorious beard, and your legions of additional awesomeness deserve so much better. I bow to you, Chuck Norris.