Welcome to the new Dreamkeepers site!

by David Lillie - Posted 2 years ago

Welcome to the sparkly new Dreamkeepers site!
 While we appreciate Dave's attempts at web design over the years, it is a major relief to have the site up & running smooth on every conceivable device (with the possible exception of telegraphs.)
New features- check out the expanded Cast page, Explore more content, and watch this blog for news & updates!  We are excited to share more.  E ) 

And remember- Halloween is approaching, along with the 16th annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart contest.  Stay tuned for rules & entry info!
Best regards,
Dave & Liz

Evan 2 years ago
I panicked for a minute when all my old bookmarks stopped working, but the new site--including the Prelude--seems to function properly on Windows 10.
Xemnes 2 years ago
We can no longer read the prelude as the page is broken, on top of that the "contact us" page is also broken, an a note of device compatibility your linking widget (the thing to the left of the post used to link to other site) on PC (16:9 1080p screen) is over the top of the post obstructing the text and not docked beside it (or off screen as I think it seems like it should be doing), this is on Firefox and Chrome, and Brave seems to just remove it. also on all 3 the comments seem to be grey text on black background making it very hard to read, hopefully this is all not to hard to fix and good luck with the new site.
FYI 2 years ago
Prelude comic does not appear to be working - using safari on iPhone and getting 404