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Welcome to the new Dreamkeepers site!

by David Lillie - Posted 4 months ago

Welcome to the sparkly new Dreamkeepers site!
 While we appreciate Dave's attempts at web design over the years, it is a major relief to have the site up & running smooth on every conceivable device (with the possible exception of telegraphs.)
New features- check out the expanded Cast page, Explore more content, and watch this blog for news & updates!  We are excited to share more.  E ) 

And remember- Halloween is approaching, along with the 16th annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart contest.  Stay tuned for rules & entry info!
Best regards,
Dave & Liz

Evan 3 months ago
I panicked for a minute when all my old bookmarks stopped working, but the new site--including the Prelude--seems to function properly on Windows 10.
Xemnes 3 months ago
We can no longer read the prelude as the page is broken, on top of that the "contact us" page is also broken, an a note of device compatibility your linking widget (the thing to the left of the post used to link to other site) on PC (16
FYI 3 months ago
Prelude comic does not appear to be working - using safari on iPhone and getting 404