Couchcon Specials! Final Day.

by David Lillie - Posted 1 year ago

The final day of Couchcon is upon us!  Be sure to visit the Vendor's Hall and Artist's Alley for fantastic commissions and merch you cannot find anywhere else- not limited to, but including:

Glossy (Or brushed-silver-finish metal) art prints from ABD, Reagan Lodge, and Garage Band:


Limited-edition Couchcon exclusive 3D-printed WYIT figurines, from Reagan Lodge's upcoming graphic novel:


Wallscrolls featuring Tekra, and more from Dreamkeepers and other Vivid series:

All this, and don't miss the live panels, streaming now- plus the big Volume 5 Cryptocomic launch tonight.  

All coming to your Couch- last day, let's have some fun!