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Couchcon Specials! Final Day.

by David Lillie - Posted 12 months ago

The final day of Couchcon is upon us!  Be sure to visit the Vendor's Hall and Artist's Alley for fantastic commissions and merch you cannot find anywhere else- not limited to, but including:

Glossy (Or brushed-silver-finish metal) art prints from ABD, Reagan Lodge, and Garage Band:


Limited-edition Couchcon exclusive 3D-printed WYIT figurines, from Reagan Lodge's upcoming graphic novel:


Wallscrolls featuring Tekra, and more from Dreamkeepers and other Vivid series:

All this, and don't miss the live panels, streaming now- plus the big Volume 5 Cryptocomic launch tonight.  

All coming to your Couch- last day, let's have some fun!