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SNEAK PEEK: New Dreamkeepers IndieGoGo

by David Lillie - Posted 9 months ago

Perks, stretch goals, and pricing is all laid out!  We'll be launching LIVE on October 1st.  (I can't WAIT to show some of the vids of the Scinter's Mark hand-crafted glass bottles.)

A note- past campaigns have seen intense competition for the top slots, and sometimes technical issues have tripped up readers.  If this is a concern, you may want to back another project on IndieGoGo as a test to ensure everything is compatible.  (If you're looking for suggestions, I can note note that ABD's Bethellium V1 campaign is in the final days of In-Demand.)

This book has the Vi vs Bobby Prelude arcs that I really love- can't wait to see them in print.