Bethellium V1: Fulfillment!

by David Lillie - Posted 1 year ago

Prepare yourselves- Bethellium Volume 1 Fulfillment is a go!  All items are now either stocked or on their way to the fulfillment center- so it is time for you to check out and look forward to the first ever ABD book in your hands.


  • E-mail:    Keep an eye on the e-mail you used to back IndieGoGo- will be sending you a link to your checkout. 
  • Checkout:  Your tier has a special checkout page set up in the store, just for you.  You've already paid for everything, so just fill in your shipping info and submit.
  • Loot:  Fulfillment will be going out in waves based on when everything arrives at the warehouse.  As soon as your package ships, you'll get an e-mail with tracking info.

If you are changing addresses within the next two months, please wait to check out until your move is complete.  The final items are still heading into the fulfillment center- once your tier is ready to ship, you'll see the checkout e-mail appear in your inbox.  

Rainbow-acrylic keychains from the Glamour Pack.   Love the sheen!

Katherine & Zoana meticulously hand-painted and ready to show off.

Thank you again to everyone helping make ABD's campaign a reality!  Bethellium is about to become a reality for all of us.  

Deored 1 year ago
its been a while, when can we be expecting that email?
SongCoyote 1 year ago
So sorry I missed this - I love the statues! Hope it was a great success for you <3