Couchcon 2023

by David Lillie - Posted 10 months ago

Welcome to Couchcon!

Amazing how fast it came up this year- between fulfilling Bethellium, launching Yark, UberQuest V3, QuickXyk, and- coming up this weekend- Skirmish Online.

It arrived fast, and I have a feeling it'll fly by just as quick! 
Veterans, you know the drill- livestreaming events scheduled all weekend from the Panels page, including events from Chad Hardin, Foxena & Gen, Skidd & Phuufy, and a Redline Art clinic from Dave & Liz.

Limited edition wallscrolls, merch, and weekend sales can be discovered in the Vendor's Hall.  

And Opening Ceremonies kicks off soon!  We'll see you on the couch.

Stella 9 months ago
Finally! The wait is over...