Prelude Collection 2 (And Gregori IRL)

by David Lillie - Posted 10 months ago

It is happening! Still photos really don't do justice to the foil stamping and spot gloss, check out the video to see just how GORGEOUS Prelude Collection 2 is going to be.

"Gorgeous" isn't the word anyone would use for Gregori, but, you will be able to hug him if you want!

Book manufacturing is *complete*, metal prints done, mousepads done, everything is either done or in the works right now.   We do expect freight to take a month or so on the book shipment- and we need time to get copies here and sign them after freight arrives, so your rewards may be arriving in August or early September.

Stay tuned for updates, we're excited to share progress as we see more of these rewards.


-Dave & Liz