Gregori Army & Books ETA

by David Lillie - Posted 9 months ago

ETA on Prelude Collection 2 hardcovers: 

They are tucked away on ocean freight now, and estimated to arrive at the fulfillment center in early August.   Then we have to get our hands on the signed copies and, well- sign them- so maybe another couple of weeks before the books are ready to ship to you.

Meanwhile, more merch is appearing!

Gregori has moved beyond the prototype stage, and the invasion is imminent.  I BEG you, do not feed him after midnight.

Sticker sheets coming with TRANSPARENCY- ngl, I really wanna see what a 100-sheet stack of this looks like.

The pins are rocking it out- Vanths' wings use the translucent stained-glass fill technique.

And last but not least- the Skirmish Relaunch campaign is imminent!  We're adding more to it this time around, including the return of the legendary Golden Memento commissions, and more details on why we pulled the initial IndieGoGo.

Info dropping soon for fleet members: