Fulfillment Time!

by David Lillie - Posted 1 month ago

Your Prelude Collection 2 rewards are ready to ship now!  Check your IGG e-mail, there should be a message there from Vivid that went out last evening. (Be sure to check your spam folders and tabs if you don't see it.)

Please check out by Halloween to ensure everything is still in stock for your order. 


Pretty simple!  The Vivid e-mail has a button that leads to your checkout, where you can update your address and get your order in the system.  The checkout page will include instructions- including how to download your digital rewards, and if applicable, a link to handling instructions for your figurine.


Once you check out, we'll need a week or two to manually include any Add-Ons to the orders where applicable- then another week or two for domestic shipping.  As soon as your order hits the shipping queue, you'll recieve another e-mail with tracking so you will know when to expect delivery.


If you are a backer of the Prelude Collection 2 campaign and didn't recieve your checkout e-mail, contact us!  (E-mail Vivid@vividpub.com) We can figure out why your checkout e-mail was undeliverable, and make sure you get a fresh one.


If you didn't order all the Add-Ons or items you wanted and want to pick them up now, hang tight!  We'll be fulfilling the existing orders first, and later if there is leftover inventory, we'll announce when it will go live in the DK store. 


Thank you again to everyone who made the Prelude Collection 2 foil-stamped hardcovers possible.  We can't wait to get a copy in your hands. 



Dave & Liz