by David Lillie - Posted 5 months ago

The first rule of Operation Valentine is, you DO NOT TALK about Operation Valentine.

The SECOND rule of Operation Valentine is-

...Kidding. You can talk about it.

But first get ready for limited-edition signed art prints.

OBJECTIVE: Power up the Vivid Patreon to unlock greater production capabilities for Dreamkeepers games, comics & animation.
STRATEGY: For the month of February only, we're doing a burst of extra art. In addition to the Sketch of the Month, we're doing four fanart illustrations.

Who would you like to see us draw? No limits.

Could be classics like Krystal and Lola, new contenders like Judy...

EVERY backer is welcome to suggest a character in the #OperationValentine room in the Dreamkord.

Votaries, YOU will decide which characters win- then we'll stream the art live on Picarto, and encourage everyone to SHARE the valentine's art far and wide! 

High Resolution backers will receive downloads (with spicy variants in the layer folders) & Art Attack backers and will get physical prints sent in the mail to their home- all four Valentines, signed in metallic sharpie by Dave & Liz. 

(Since these are fanart, we'll never be offering these prints again outside of the February Art Attack.)

We have SO MUCH we are chomping at the bit to create- comics (more & faster), Dreamkeepers video games, animations- and with your help, we can power up production like never before.

So buckle up- art's happening.