Loona Valentine + NEXT VOTE

by David Lillie - Posted 2 months ago

1/4 from Operation Valentine:  Loona!
POV you just asked if you could be her little pog champ.🫠

EVERYONE at the Art Attack level (February only!) will get a version of this art as a physical signed print in the mail.  (NSFW variant will be posted in the Dreamkord.)
The next Valentine is being voted on right now!  Cast your vote within 24 hours.  

Right now:  Captain Amelia in the lead, with Charlie comin' up hot on her heels.

HUGE thank you to everyone helping Operation Valentine fly- it is working! The SECRET SCHEME of make more cool art, to attract fresh backers to fund more animation / game / comic production, is actually working!  THANK YOU for the support, welcome to the new faces, share the valentines around with some friends, and let's make some more fun.😎