More Lore + V6 Update

by David Lillie - Posted 1 month ago

Lore is back on the menu.

Sketch of the month voting goin' on now- ideas ranging from saucy to cerebral, immersive lore to lighthearted fun.  One that really has caught my eye- a lore sheet on different martial arts styles in the Dreamworld.🥷 Votaries, two more days to weigh in!

Plus:  ALL backers, we're doing a fanart piece again in March!  Share a suggestion in the Dreamkord room #fan_art_voting and we'll harvest tonight for the next poll.  

Meanwhile, a behind-the-scenes post is up with some Volume 6 teasers.  Cannot WAIT for the action to kick off in this volume.  

I'm expecting Skirmish progress to share soon as well, and we'll get our 2024 convention schedule to announce.  I hope you like art, because you're getting it!