Slumber Party!

by David Lillie - Posted 1 month ago

The votes are in, and a beautiful night of sleep is in your future!  Pre-orders for Dreamkeepers body pillows are live now:

Take home Indigo, Vi, Namah, Lilith- and due to unexpected enthusiasm for our April Fool's joke, Grunn will be crashing the party.  

Or as I like to call him, THE PERFECT GIFT.

More to the sale:

  • Glossy signed art prints
  • High res art downloads with pillow orders
  • Brushed-silver-finish metal signed art prints
  • Big discounts on big books
  • Volume 5 restocked

Slumber Party:
If you want to have a slumber party, be sure to snag the Sleepover Special.  This includes every body pillow design, with a Grunnderful discount in the mix.

PSA:  We're selling the body pillow cases *only*, we link to some Amazon options for the pillows themselves.

Body Pillow pre-orders are live ONLY during April, and are being printed to order, so be sure to jump in if you want them!