Convention Schedule 2024

by David Lillie - Posted 1 week ago

We don't get out to many conventions, but in 2024 we'll be at these ones.  If you can swing by we'd be delighted to greet you.  8 ) 


When: June 28-30 2024

Description:  No travel needed, Couchcon is Vivid's online convention!  Keeping it simple this year- no outside dealers, we'll be running a sale in the Dreamkeepers store, and David will be streaming a few panels over the weekend on the Vivid Picarto channel.

Commissions?  Yes!  but we're doing it a little differently this year, details at the bottom of the newsletter.


When: August 30th- Sept 1st 2024

Where: Orlando, FL

Description:  This is our one and only annual furry convention!  We'll have merch at our table, the Starfall dice game, as well as a range of on-the-spot pencil commissions.

Monroe Popfest

When: Sept 13-14 2024

Where: Monroe, MI

Description:  Right in our hometown, cozy little 2-day event.  If you're keen on snagging a commission with minimal competition, this one is off the beaten path. 

Couchcon Commissions:

Auction Slot

  • Availability: 1

  • Price: ?? Auction

  • Description: One full-color full-backdrop piece of art, as much detail as we can fit into 8.5 x 11 inches of pencil work, digitally colored and also sent to you as an 8.5 x 11 glossy signed print.  

  • A limitation:  We can only include up to two OCs, with a single-page reference sheet per OC.  Any additional characters may be canon DK characters or extras that we design on the fly.

  • Auction details:  We will be hosting the auction in the Dreamkord this year, so backers in there will have the chance to compete for the slot.  More details to be announced in the server as Couchcon approaches.

Polished Pencil Lineart *or* 

Color-added to a previous lineart commission

  • Availability: 10

  • Price: Associate Producer Tier. This year we're trying something new, and we will be doing these commissions exclusively for Associate Producer backers.  (The Associate Producer tiers on Patreon are currently maxed out, but we'll open a few periodically leading up to Couchcon until we can create a total of ten commissions.  No additional charge, if you're an Associate Producer, you had it coming.

  • Description: A single character drawing in pencil on paper. 

  • Add-Ons: $100 for one more character.  We may add an option to purchase a second character for your commission, if I think I can knock it out during the weekend I'll share the checkout button with Associate Producers.

🚨Content restrictions:👮

Restrictions on Dreamkeepers characters:

We usually depict canon Dreamkeepers characters within the general rating level and spirit of the series.  The Indigos and Tinsel can get away with tasteful nudity, because that's how they roll.
"What if" scenarios with canon characters are possible, but no physical romantic contact between OCs and canon characters.  
We might decline something if it depicts the cast members in a manner that negatively impacts the series. (This is vague, because no matter how exhaustive the list, the internet can always find an exception.) 
Some illustrations may be mildly suggestive or titillating (see: pinup poses) but no explicit sex acts.
Restrictions on fanart / OCs:

We can draw NSFW content of OC's and fanart, but still generally want to keep things on the wavelength of tasteful pinups or relatable erotic scenarios, the more niche something is the more likely we might decline it.
Unsure?  Ask in advance!

Never hurts to ask- if you want to know whether a specific idea would fly or not, just ask us in the Dreamkord and we can hash it out.

So that's the Vivid 2024 convention schedule!  We'll see you around, and keep your ears open here for video game, comic, art, and animation launches.