Launchpad Skirmish Campaign

The hit tabletop card-based fighting game comes alive like you've never seen before: Online on Steam.
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Skirmish is back! And better than ever!

Join forces with the ever-vigilant Troika and liberate the world of dreams from its hidden assailants!


Serve the Dark Forces and aid the gruesome nightmares in their total annihilation of all life.

Let neither friend nor foe stand in the way of your victory, and claim your place in the hallowed histories of the world of dreams.

The coveted card based fighter is reborn for the digital age!

Complete with multiplayer matchmaking and beautiful hand-drawn animations directed by
the creators of Dreamkeepers, David and Liz Lillie!

Currently we are slating a 1.0 Full Release of Skirmish for sometime around December of 2024.

While we are confident we can accomplish this, presently, this is obviously subject to change!

With your help we can really fuel the engines for some amazing content for the first full release!
(See the stretch goals tab!)

Nov 21 2023: 

Animation Progress

The Skirmish early-access demo is getting closer!  In fact, it works now- but it will really benefit from a few more weeks of bug-hunting.

Meanwhile where am I at on the art side?

Sharpie sketch Add-Ons are all done and delivered- if you haven’t gotten yours yet, hit us up! (  There’s a few folks who never told me what to draw, we’re ready when you are.

Meanwhile the Gloria Aeterna, Anduruna Immortal, and Golden Memento backers are in the queue for commissions and animations.

I’m tackling core game assets first- animation is rolling steady on Vi, Bast, Ravat, and Wisp decks.  If you’re in the Dreamkord, you’re seeing progress updates and samples almost daily.  

These sequences are coming out SHARP.

Once we get the demo characters ready for showtime, I’ll work on Igrath, Scinter, Lilith, Tendril, Scuttles, and Tinsel.  I want to make sure I get the animation squared away for the developers, so they can code the game efficiently.

After the core game is animated, I will be pivoting to tackle the high-level backer OC art.  Now, that’s a ton of animation between me and your character art, so hang tight- but we’re getting closer, frame by frame.  I’ll announce in updates everywhere when we pivot from standard game assets to OC artwork, and you will get a personal e-mail when we are ready to start working on your character.

‘Til then, I hope you enjoy the game animation samples and streams we share, and we’ll have a big announcement when it’s time to get our early-access army in to take the demo for a test ride.

Sept. 9 2023: 

Goal!  What's next?

First of all, HUGE thank you for getting the Skirmish campaign over goal! The campaign is now closed while we get ourselves organized. The team is hard at work (16,000 lines of code and counting!) getting ready for the early-access demo.  What to expect 'til then?

First on the menu:  Sharpie commissions.

Liz & I are packing for Megaplex next weekend, once we're back I will be diving into the Add-On Sharpie commissions.   If I can get the camera setup working, we'll stream some on Twitch.

After Sharpie commissions, we will be rolling on continued animation and art assets for the game demo.  Production workflow is planned as:

  • KO Sharpie commissions
  • Animate the Demo characters (2 from each faction)
  • Share demo
  • Proceed on additional character animations, while we roll on Golden Memento, Gloria Aeterna, and Anduruna Immortal commissions & animations.

Stay tuned here for progress!  We are psyched to be making this game.

August 17 2023: 

Stretch Goal Unlocked!

The 25K stretch goal has been met.  Get ready to do battle in another fresh, fully illustrated Arena.  Campaign is about halfway through, so we have a great shot at unlocking more before it goes into Orbit.  Share it out, and let's make the first Dreamkeepers game something to behold! 

August 10 2023: 

The very first Launchpad campaign has achieved LIFTOFF.

The 20K goal has been met, meaning animated video game action is in the works!  The top 2 tiers sold out SMOKIN' fast.


If your tier includes a commission (or you got a Sharpie Sketch Add-On) send your refs to
  I'll be starting with the Sharpie Sketch Add-Ons during August, and will reply to your e-mail and let you know when we are getting rolling on your slot.  
Golden Memento, Anduruna Immortal, and Gloria Aeterna art will be in the works alongside game animation as we go forward- we'll keep you posted right here! 

Next stop- stretch goals. 

HUGE thank you to everyone making this Skirmish launch possible.  It's a new game, on a totally new platform- and you're making it happen. Now we're eyeing the stretch goals- new Arenas, expanded Leader Hero animation, expansion decks- spread the word, and let's make this game even cooler. 

July 31 2023
We are moving our campaign to Launchpad, here's why:

Note- your tier price does not include the cost of shipping.

Shipping will be collected as physical items are ready to deliver.

You will receive an email when most or all of your physical rewards are ready to ship
and at that time you will have a chance to update your address, pay shipping,
and add any other available items to your order that you'd like.

Note that international shipping is often expensive, and some countries may charge
 import taxes, VAT fees, and other costs that are outside our hands.  
Please plan accordingly.

Most of our policies and practices will align with what you expect from a good crowdfunding campaign:

1. We'll deliver what we promise by the deadlines we state. (And update you if we need to extend or delay anything)

2. We are always open to feedback, comments, and customer service needs you may have during or after the campaign.

3. We will keep you posted, at least monthly, with updates to the campaign as progress permits.

With that in mind, we also would like to state the following:

If the campaign reaches goal, we cannot guarantee refunds or the ability to accept
returns after the close of the campaign, unless you do not receive your rewards by
the current deadline.

We cannot always guarantee the safety of shipments on international orders.
Though we'll absolutely ship worldwide, and 99% of the time these work out just fine,
sometimes in some places, shipping just doesn't work out normally.
We'll be happy to work with you if your package doesn't arrive,
but we can only do so much from here!

Progress updates and trailers do not, and can not, reflect the finished game.
A lot can change between even the 0.9 and 1.0 build of a game,
so please understand that you may see a lot change during development
as we move towards our original vision for the game and
weave in player feedback.

Campaign Commission Guidelines

To help us stay organized please direct all commission-related correspondence to

For commission refs, we can use up to one page of description, and up to one reference image per character.

Commissions are generally SFW- if you have questions about whether an idea is okay, 

reach out to us at and we can let you know.

Commission art will be drawn by David Lillie on an 8.5 x 11 inch page in 

blueline pencil and graphite, with color added digitally. 

 We’ll mail the original pencils to the recipient with their other rewards.

Golden Memento commissions will include one character, and a minimalistic backdrop.

The Gloria Aeterna commissions may include up to three characters, 

and an elaborate fully illustrated backdrop.

Sharpie Sketches

Sharpie sketch Add-Ons will be available during the campaign Launch period ONLY, and only while supplies last. 

They include one character up to two characters. David will get rolling on these right away, and mail them out once they are completed, 

before the other rewards ship.  They are completed in black & metallic sharpie marker.

In-game OC & stat guidelines

In-game art & animation will be SFW, and must fit the overall aesthetic & tone of the game. 

 The gamedevs have the final say on what we can add to the game.

Deck-Hero replacements will use the same stats as the card they are replacing.

Leader-Hero replacements will have unique custom stats and abilities. 

 You will be asked for a 1-page description of your character’s fighting style

 and abilities, and the devs will determine how to arrange the stats 

to make the character as balanced as possible within the game.

Note that OC Leader-Heroes may not be eligible for tournament or ranked matches, 

as those matches are intended to put all players on equal footing.

By backing the campaign at these tiers, you are requesting for Vivid to 

create in-game illustrations and animations, and providing Vivid a full,

 perpetual license to use these specific assets in the manner described.

Upgrading your Pledge:

To upgrade your pledge you will need to pledge to the new tier you want,

and cancel the order for the old one from your order management screen on your account dashboard.

Please then contact with your order ID to request a refund.

What platforms will Skirmish be available on?

Currently, there are only plans for the game to available on steam, and to be optimized to work for PC.

Will Skirmish have Online Multiplayer?

Yes! Including matchmaking, ranked matches, private lobbies, and special events!

Will Skirmish have Single Player, or a story mode?

Eventually, we would love to have fully voiced stories with small pre-rendered cutscenes and dialogue for Skirmish,
but whether or not we can accomplish this isn't known at this time. The stretch goal that is listed
for these features, however, will ensure that we'll have the resources to accomplish this
for at least the characters included in the base game.

Can other people play as my custom backer-reward character?

Normally, these characters will only be playable by you (though visible to anyone you are playing against or with),
however, during some special events, these characters may be playable by others, temporarily.

Is PayPal not accepted?

We are working on getting Paypal set up as a checkout method, but this may take some time.
Until then, Paypal does issue debit cards for most countries that should work just fine!

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Launchpad Skirmish Campaign

The hit tabletop card-based fighting game comes alive like you've never seen before: Online on Steam.

Campaign Finished

Available Tiers

First Strike

- Early Access to the Game
- Exclusive CCA Ravat Skin
- Ruthless Expansion Included

Squad Leader

- Everything above, AND:
- Strategy Guide PDF
- Exclusive Pajamas Skin for Vi
- Dreamkeepers Graphic Novels Volume 1-5 PDFs
- Desktop Wallpapers
- OST MP3s
- Telegram Sticker Pack

Heavy Payload

- Everything above, AND:
- Signed Glossy Art Print
- Collectible Foldout Limited Edition Skirmish Poster
- Troika Faction Challenge Coin
- Physical Edition Game CD And Case

Long Shot

- Everything above, AND:
- Original Signed Pencil Sketch
- Creator Signature on Physical Copy
(5/20 claimed)

Golden Memento

- Everything above, AND:
- Golden Memento Commission: Full Page Illustration of your OC
- Printed Golden Memento Skirmish Playing Card of the same Commission!

See the 'Policies' tab for the instructions and guidelines on commissions and in-game content.
(1/10 claimed)

Anduruna Immortal

- Everything above, AND:
- Golden Memento commission on a 1 of a kind foldout poster.
- In-Game OC Playable as Deck Hero Replacement (animated Idle, Attack, Hurt, and Victory poses)

See the 'Policies' tab for the instructions and guidelines on commissions and in-game content.
(7/8 claimed)

Gloria Aeterna

- Everything above, AND:
- In-Game replacement is now for a Deck Leader, and will receive full animation sets like other Deck Leaders.
- Additional commission featuring your OC. (some restrictions apply)
- Commission printed on a custom wall scroll that will be signed by David and Liz Lillie!

See the 'Policies' tab for the instructions and guidelines on commissions and in-game content.
(4/4 claimed)