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Subscribe to this thread Children of the Night - OOC created by Gloves on February 25, 2013

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Esayo5/28/14 6:10pm
Yeah man spit'em out let's hear it \o/

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Gloves5/28/14 6:11pm
Well like, I dunno I guess just me and Gunner have commented (but Esayo digs the idea too) but if we do a non-DK we oughta do one that is really loose with character species and stuff, so if you're coming up with RP ideas keep that in mind.

And is it something you don't feel comfortable posting? If it's a concept you can't say in public, prolly shouldn't RP it.

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joeden5/28/14 8:33pm
I found that Skype works pretty good with RPs and if possible would i be allowed to join in with you guys?

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Gloves5/28/14 9:24pm
I'm really like, no offence to anybody, but my Skype is mostly just for work and family stuff, I don't like giving it out.

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joeden5/28/14 9:32pm
just making a suggestion if you'd like i can try to find something else for RPs it'd take me a day or two but i'd get something Tomorrow is going to be a pain with the wow raid and the work i got but i might have something.

And just a double-check it's alright for me to join in?

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Gloves5/28/14 9:57pm
That's prolly gonna end up being up to Phoe, since it looks like he'll be doing the new RP.

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joeden5/28/14 9:59pm

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MrPhoenix5/30/14 8:37pm
Well I'm glad you are willing to trust me to not fuck up, but I can't do it.

I'm so busy dealing with funerals of family and other shit that has me either depressed or busy as Hell.

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Esayo5/30/14 9:55pm
Damn man, sincere condolences. Hope things get better on your end.

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Gloves5/30/14 9:57pm
Yeah dude, super sorry to hear that.

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MrPhoenix5/31/14 11:10am
[(This message will be deleted in a few hours time)]

[(Message deleted)]

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Esayo5/31/14 11:13am
We're here for ya man, of course.

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joeden5/31/14 6:17pm
yea i'll help and sorry to hear that

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Thegunner186/1/14 9:57am
Whenever you need anything then just tell one of us. We'll be happy to help :3

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Aman371212/24/14 5:48pm
Greetings, I'm slightly new to the community and I'd like to take part in this role play.

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