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Subscribe to this thread Pulse&Paradox here! created by Prometheus on February 25, 2013

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Prometheus2/25/13 8:22pm
Finally decided to start up an account here on the new forums. I previously went by Pulse&Paradox on the original forum. I was pretty much AWOL for a time, but hopefully I'll be a bit more active here. Anyway, feels good to be here!

Fun Fact: My username on the old forum is based on my earliest draft of my first DK fanfiction. This new username is the same name as my main chara in my current fanfiction.

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Hakuzo2/26/13 3:24pm
welcome back to the fun!

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Esayo2/26/13 4:16pm
Oh hey I've read your story on dA I think!
Nice to see you here oDo

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IronFox2/26/13 11:31pm
Wilcomen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

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Avolendi2/27/13 3:36am
Hello and welcome :)

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ezioauditore972/27/13 5:44am
Hello there!

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