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Subscribe to this thread The Crossroads Gathering Hall, idea and rules created by MrPhoenix on February 26, 2013

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Roan5/14/13 3:58pm

Have fun with that.

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TyrantTheBalance5/14/13 3:59pm

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Roan5/14/13 4:01pm
I was kidding!!

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TyrantTheBalance5/14/13 4:02pm
Yay, I'm not hated already! :D

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T3rminal5/14/13 5:00pm
or are you?

Dun dun duuuuun!!!

Twilight Zone

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Roan5/14/13 5:08pm

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T3rminal5/14/13 5:17pm
I do have my moments.

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Roan5/14/13 8:46pm
That's why your my pecan-bro. :D

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T3rminal5/15/13 1:29am
I feel a great honor has been bestowed upon me...

I bask in it.

plus...Being weird is soo much more fun!

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Roan5/15/13 2:00pm

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T3rminal6/1/13 12:13pm
WELL...This thread has gone silent...any idea where anyone is?

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MrPhoenix6/1/13 7:30pm
I'm always here, but like I said in the opening post. I may run this joint technically, but it's you guys who keep it fun and alive.

All you have to do is make the fun.

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TyrantTheBalance6/2/13 9:16am
I've been waiting for something to happen, but now I assume everyone is doing the same.

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joeden6/2/13 9:17am
I had said something with Jamie, then was waiting for you or someone to talk to someone else to talk to one of my chars.

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Roan6/19/13 5:59pm
Holy hole in hell. I've missed a lot, haven't I?

Well, I have a perfect reasonable explanation for my absence!

(No, I didn't get hurt again.)

I was busy with finals, and such, and also my phone decided to commit suicide, out of my hands,out of the boat, and sink into the freaking lake last weekend. But before that, my phone had tried committing suicide before the lake scene happened, and hit the concrete, shattering my screen. Therefore, it was extremely hard to type, and I was only able to get in a message to Term about my absence before it committed suicide into the lake.

I got out of school today, managing to pass my yearly finals, and FYI, my summer will be packed with very important business.

Now, I shall read over what I have missed, and hopefully get in a post soon.

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