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Subscribe to this thread Independance Lost created by Danica on March 4, 2013

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Danica3/4/13 1:02pm
Original topic:

Due to the new forum, I have decided against trying to post it up. There simply isn't enough formatting or options for the purposes of the RP. However, there are other options such as using the old forum regardless of the fact that it is no longer being used.

Or to use a new forum that would better suit the environment. I simply can not use this forum in the manner that would be demanded for this type of RP. I can easily design such a forum for strictly RP purposes. Please all who have applied give some feedback. Thank you.

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Danica3/7/13 9:45pm
After speaking with one of the forum admins, I am going to go ahead with building a forum for the RP. This forum will be a beta forum to see if interest in a large, continues story with several topics would be doable. If there is any suggestions or if there is an element on the new forum you do not like, please let me know as soon as possible.

The new forum is:

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