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Subscribe to this thread Darkness Falls (I.C) Chapter 2: Decisions Decisions (NC 17) created by DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor on March 6, 2013

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TA76384/9/13 5:52am
Once they teleported Sov raised his rifle and quickly looked around them, scanning for any threats. After a few seconds he lowered the gun and looked up at the manhole before turning his attention to the group.

"Come on, quicker we get moving, quicker we find Zoe"

He slung the rifle on his shoulder and began climbing the ladder. Once he reached the top he pushed the metal cover with his right arm and almost cried out in pain, he had forgotten how sore his arm got after shooting his rifle. He awkwardly used his left arm and managed to push the cover to the side and climb out.

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Riftun4/15/13 2:02pm
Ann grunted and followed Sov at his instruction, "Yeah, I'm coming!" The jackal/rat replied thinking. ~whatsup woth him never seen him quite so pushy or determined before. . . Warrents further observation.~

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T3rminal4/16/13 2:08pm
Cyprus heaved himself out of the hole, getting hisfeet on solid, on sewer filled ground, before standing up. He hated teleportation. Always left him with a weird feeling.

"Let's go, I'm here to save people and chew bubble gum. And I'm aaaallll out of bubble gum." heh, It's funny cause...he...yeah. It's the little things that make him stay crazy.

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Shadow996114/21/13 11:42am
Mira shook her head. Was this supposed to be covert? All you needed was the right timing and the right combo of explosives, and you could be in and out before they had a real chance to react. Leaving your enemy the ability to remain calm was a risk.

"Why don't we just watch their rotations, then run a smash-and-grab? I'm sure enough energetic materiel is at hand here to do the trick." Mira watched the spark Neko, and she shooed it away with her hand. She wasn't a fan if them, cinerary to the feminine stereotype.

Then another kid showed up, and damned formal too,

"James." She said, in a one word greeting. She eyed the younger keeper and decided to grill him slightly,

"Since I was 18. What do you know about this compound? Guards, emplaced weapons, sewers?" The more intel one could have the better. Mira might not have been the most eloquent of people, but she got the job done.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor4/24/13 9:22pm
Arcanas heads for the door and checked it.

"Hm.. locked. Should be expected."

He took out a small blade and insert it into the lock and twist it around abit before the lock opens up and the door swings open gently.

Arcanas house.

When Lathen reaches where Luna was left sleeping, she found a note from Umbra stating that he had to leave as something came up and requires his personal attention but will keep in touch with them.

"Just like old times. Leaving without using the door.."

In the living room, the ryuu lowered his ears when Mira shooed it away and went up to James and starts to pur. Jame smiled and stroke it between it's head. When Mira asked about what he knows about the museum's security and what not he lay back on the seat.

"They bring out most of the toys after the place is close, movement sensors, temperature reading the whole nine yards. Weapon wise are in the guard room. Other than the stick they got springer pistols and a link to the local authorities. I can get us inside. But all I need is a number of their front desk."

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TA76385/10/13 10:21am
Sov had moved next to the door to Zoe's house. As soon as Arcanas opened the door Sov quietly stormed in with his gun raised. Within a matter of seconds he had cleared the entire house before he returned to Arcanas.

"No signs of forced entry, no signs of struggling."

He Looked around the house. Trying to find any clues as to what happened.

"Nothing Is out of the ordinary, whoever it was grabbed her while she was sleeping or while she wasn't inside the house."

His voice trailed off at the end of the sentence as he looked towards the door to the backyard.

"Anyone looked in the backyard yet?"

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Roan5/10/13 7:50pm
Steamer launched himself off of Sov's shoulder, and his claws scrabbled against the floorboards. A flash of red fur, and he shot out of the back door.

It was wide open. The fire ryuu bounced through the snow, and jumped up onto the lawn chair. New snow had covered it again, but piled of snow were settling around it.

Then, Steamer hissed and his red coat expanded around him, as he locked his gaze on a trail of boot prints and lighter prints, which were Zoe's.

A growl tore out of his throat, loud and menacing.

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Shadow996115/19/13 3:22pm
Mira thought for a moment, then piped up,

"Whats this number you need? And I have a option. Arcanas has admittedly a buncha nice toys stashed here, I figure instead of killing ourselves on a covert op, we just cut their communication lines and blast our way in." She look over the kid again.

"And how exactly can you get us inside?" she was doubtful that the kid could deliver.. He looked like he just got out of highschool!

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