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Dreamkeepers Forums - DK zombie RP idea

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Subscribe to this thread DK zombie RP idea created by ezioauditore97 on March 15, 2013

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TA76383/30/13 3:47pm
Good call term, you just saved us all a little trouble!

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T3rminal3/31/13 1:03pm
Just doin my civic duty. Now I must go...My people need me!

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AriaOutlander4/1/13 8:45am
So, I guess we should use our own OCs?

also, darn. I was really looking forward to playing Tinsel and watching her die gruesomely.

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ezioauditore974/1/13 2:15pm
Yep we should probably stick to OC's.

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finlo9/9/16 7:44pm
zombie paige
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Total: 8

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CoolCoyote9/10/16 7:47am
I can join for a short while before work speeds up again .w.

My oc dylan can be horribly devoured by zombies once I have to slow down again...I wouldnt mind him NOT surving anyway in all honesty xD

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Javelin9/10/16 9:42pm
This Zombie Theme RP might fit Javelin, and 2 or three other characters and Guranzura (optional) faction I have in mind.
I'll be drawing what Javelin looks like using an app I hope I can finish it.
It's the choice of @ezioauditore97 if I can participate.

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CoolCoyote9/18/16 5:04pm
Work is starting to get busy again. Heading off for a while. Take care all!

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