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Subscribe to this thread Beyond Starfall- OOC/Roster created by Shadow99611 on March 16, 2013

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Shadow996111/4/14 3:47pm
Mine just royally sucked all around. Word of advice? Do NOT take Calc III at 8 in the morning. Thaaaatttt final sucked worse than the others. Turns out that our chem teach didn't prepare us right for the ACS chem final. Goody there as well. Blech, I'm looking forward to my new classes this semester. Should be a lot easier now that i know what to expect.

How'd yours go/what were they?

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Esayo1/4/14 3:53pm
Oh god man I can't math to save my life, let alone math at 8AM. Science too just, ugh do not envy your learning conditions.
I had one in a class called Writing Strategies and Word Origins, which was like two essay booklets on Ovid stuff, then one in Medieval Religion and Culture on different books/events, and one in Fiction Writing which really wasn't that bad, just turning in a piece of our work.

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Shadow996111/9/14 10:57am
Wow, your college courses sound pretty interesting! Lots of writing and research it sounds Iike. Unnnfortunatley for me, I've got an engineering major i'm aiming for, and well, thats going to want a lot of math.

A. Lot. Of. Math.

Guh. I would much prefer to be just writing. What's your actual major?

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Esayo1/9/14 8:12pm
You're a much smarter man than I my friend. Engineering major too, that's impressive! I'm majoring in English, and also in Cinema/Cinema Production. Hoping to land a job as a screenwriter/actor in addition to writing books.

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joeden3/2/14 11:58am
Anyone still alive or did the artic cold get everyone?

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RennacFaintheart3/7/14 6:50am
still here, just waiting

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Shadow996114/6/14 3:37pm
Alright, I wanna first apologise for my once again abscense, unfortunately I won't be able to host this. I have too much work with school and a job, and I just cant devote the time needed for this rp. If one of you wants to pick it up, feel free, but I won't be able to run this anymore.

Thank you for sticking around as long as you have! But this is probably it for this.

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joeden4/6/14 4:14pm
Okay that's a little sad to hear and all, but i can give it a try taking up the Rp, if there's still people here for it that wants to continue. Other then that good luck Shadow have a good one.

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Shadow996114/6/14 7:49pm
Yeah, Engineering classes are a bitch... If you want any help in details I think i still have a file around here somewhere that I can toss you the details of if you want extra information, or I'll leave you to it if you want to take it in a different direction.

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joeden4/6/14 8:04pm
I'd like to stay as much to the original plan as possible, encase you end up coming back and want back in. But other than that how many more weeks of classes do you still have? Because once your classes are over, you should have a bit more free time on your hands and maybe come back if you feel like it. if not i'll take over unless Rennac or Term wants to take hold.

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Shadow996114/6/14 8:17pm
I have a fairly demanding job lined up pretty much right after school ends. I can see about coming back, but i feel like I wouldn't be able to stay for a long term duration.

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joeden4/6/14 8:20pm
Alright well if you want to send the file go ahead and i'll pass it to anyone who wants to take lead. Otherwise i'll do my best to hold up the RP or wrap it up if it's just me and Renn that's left.

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