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Subscribe to this thread Ravat created by CalicoYorki on April 12, 2013

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Asora2/15/15 6:13pm

That........just went I feel uncomfortable for some reason......

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crazyhead422/15/15 9:23pm
My dark side is darker than any side you may consist of. I AM the dark side of facts, I fear the fire of ignorance, and ASORA HEAR ME - THE LIGHT BLINDS US ALL!

(In reality, I'm just here sitting behind my computer and imagining I have a voice worthy of saying those statements, and that I'm saying them with a darkened background. Maybe I should get into theatrics.)

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BryanDimmsdale2/16/15 5:10am
@crazyhead: Yeah, well that's nothing...

I'm going to look deeper into this theory and find some answers. I am really tempted to say now that Wisp is Bast's mother. XD But I'll investigate further.

@Asora Dude, I think you'll run away from me if I share something quite dark to you.

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Prometheus4/18/16 4:19pm
I wonder what Ravat is trying to do at this point. He captured Wisp's Sandman to prevent it from kidnapping Mace, which Tinsel did not want to happen. Yet, in V3, Ravat was trying to get Mace to use his Power. We still don't know if this was part of the Nab's plan. Could be Nabonidus wanted to take a shortcut instead of waiting around for Mace to use it. Now, in V4, Ravat wants to sabotage any chance of Nabonidus regaining his strength, so he sent a Mokoi to track down and murder Mace.

Ravat seems to be playing both sides here; Nabonidus and Tinsel's. Looks like he has joined Tinsel's side in sabotaging all of the Nab's plans.

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