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Subscribe to this thread personal character theme songs created by joeden on April 24, 2013

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Prometheus2/13/14 9:39pm
Aizer Pulse (This Fire Burns - Killswitch Engage)

The main protagonist of my rebooted fanfiction, The Pulse.

Vidar Rivers (La Traviata - Giuseppe Verdi)

A recurring side character in The Pulse. A close friend to Pulse and the current leader of the Aequitus Equitus Republic.

Jerry Forza (Come On - Andy Hunter)

Another side character who has been slightly forgotten.

Scald (Let The Bodies Hit The Floor - Drowning Pool)

Another side character who has occurred more than others, but not enough.

Alicia (Glamorous - Fergie ft. Ludacris)

Yet another forgotten side character in The Pulse.

Mantee Crispin (Voices - Disturbed)

Possibly the main antagonist of The Pulse, if not a recurring rival to Aizer Pulse.

Dial and Mondy Cutter, The Cutter Twins (Making Moves - Sugar Tongue Slim)

Two other antagonists who need to be worked back into the plot.

I'm sure I forgot someone, so I'll edit this post or make a new one for those I missed. :)

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joeden4/8/14 7:15pm
Jamie Hellsing i rebooted his character sheet and this is the song i got for him

also at page 15 of making dreamkeepers 5th post down

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LangShu10/1/15 11:46pm
Grymus Nightcloud (Cyclonized Typhoon - Koei)

Still need Ref Sheet.

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Lycanphoenix10/2/15 1:42am
I do not have a visual reference sheet (yet), but if you check my profile I already have stuff written for my Dreamkeeper (all pictures in use by me are from other sources)

My main theme would probably be the credits theme from the original Unreal:

What makes it even better is that this game came out less than a year after I was born.

- - - - -

My secondary theme would be Vision by Wolfgun:

And my tertiary theme would be...
Humans Are Such Easy Prey, by Perturbator. Here's a music video for it, made with footage from Akira:

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Aman371210/3/15 7:17am

Another (Nightmare):

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