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Subscribe to this thread Introducing the Merc. created by skarajwulf on April 28, 2013

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skarajwulf4/28/13 6:28pm
Hi im sorta new to massive RP's so i wont post almost at all, but i do enjoy watching them ^,.,^, alright my character (skaraj) is well, mostly a lone wolf,ex-guard, but is commonly known to be up for hire if its required. Mostly silent,if not just sometimes crazy in tactics, he did lots of work for the anduruna Government. The cover up (which is too long to entirely describe into my character's life) was part of the Government's doing. Skarj survived, but barely, along with few others. He mostly travels in cold areas and rarely goes into the city,since the government still tries to tie up loose ends, He has been attacked multiple times before by shock troops,but has always been able to escape or make enought casualties to make them retreat sometimes. If you got any questions about skaraj you can contact me (or if you just want to hear the story about him)

I came up with skaraj from A Very long story i'd rather not talk about. His guard experience came from my real past job of being in the military. Thats mostly what i want to talk about since i think this is greet is getting very long xP.

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Shadow996114/28/13 6:48pm
Nah you're good for length lol. Glad t'see ya! And glad you're enjoying watching our rp's. Maybe we'll see Skarj sometime

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joeden4/28/13 9:06pm
If you want skaraj you could Join the RP The RP your char would fit in well as long as you don't mind drinking and talking to some of the chars while in between jobs.

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skarajwulf5/18/13 5:29pm
hmmm sounds cool i might later in the future if the RP is still up i first have to get some stuff (Alaska keeps you very occupied) done as so i have spare time for it so i dont get super behind on it

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joeden5/18/13 5:43pm
I`m currently writting one up The guild one didn't work out to much for me but beyond starfall is in the neighborhood you want.

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skarajwulf5/20/13 7:06pm
heh well living in Alaska i know alot about snow territory and ice ill besure to check it when i get my stuff done also to be in the RP what should i do for my character info? just copy paste all of it or is it better to kinda rewrite it just incase something could be polished up? as i saw in children of the night they pretty much just like copied and pasted some of them xP.

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joeden5/20/13 7:08pm
You want to use the sheet, Shadow set up. Just write your char out the way the sheet is and your good.

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skarajwulf5/20/13 7:55pm
ah i understand now ill be sure to remember that when i get this all settled out xP

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Shadow996115/22/13 12:12pm
Looking at this via grapevine. Another Alaskan! Woo! Anyhow, yeah, you can just toss a sheet there if you want, I'll guide you if it isn't exactly rit, but there's no pressure.

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